Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


34. Lucas and Zoe

Ashton's POV

"Babe, your brother and sister are coming today, get up." Silver said. I sighed. "Do they have to come?" I asked. "You invited them. And we don't live in the dorms anymore... They stay here for a week." She said.


There was a knock on the door. "Get the door." I said. "No you get the door." Silver said. "No, you-" "no kiss tonight." She said. "I'll get the door." I said.

"Ashton!" Zoe yelled, hugging me. "Hey Zo." I said. "Oh, I like this." She said, walking into the apartment. "Ashton." Lucas said. "Luke, come here little bro." I said.

"Oh, hello." Zoe said, once she saw Silver. "Hi." Sil replied. "I'm Zoe. Ashton's youngest, and best sibling." She said. I rolled my eyes. "Don't get your hopes up." I said.

"Anyway, I'm Zoe Hemmings. Ashton's little sister." Zoe said. "Silver. Ashton's girlfriend." She replied. "Ashton! You have a girlfriend!" Zoe yelled. "Yeah yeah. I have neighbors." I replied.

"Lucas. But if you're Ashton, you call me Luke." Lucas said. "Hey. Silver. If your like Ashton, call me babe." She said. "Don't even think about it, I'll have your ass out of here in seconds." I said. Sil laughed, but shut her mouth. She started gagging, and ran to the bathroom.

I followed her in the bathroom, and held her hair. "I... Hate this." She said, as she hovered the toilet. "I know, I know. But, it shouldn't last that long. My mom had morning sickness for the first... Month." I said. "Gee thanks." She snapped. "Sorry. Sorry." I said. "Your brother seems... Nice." She said. I laughed. "Please, he's a total ass." I said. "I'm sorry but he is." She said. I laughed.


Zoe's POV

"I like her." I said, as I laid down in the bed. "I don't. She's a total slut." Lucas said. "And Brittany isn't?" I asked. He looked at me. "She is! Whenever your bring her home to Grandma's, grandpa always said she's gross." I said. "He said that about mum too. Grandma told me he liked dad with Aunt Bella." He said.

"She's just... Slutty." Lucas said. "What is your problem Luke. You're always such a asshole!" I yelled. "Look, Brittany is just on my mind." He said. "Oh, and Dane isn't on mine?! Get over yourself, Luke." I said, walking out the bedroom door.

Ashton's POV

"Hey, I heard a little argument." I said, walking out to the couch. "Luke is just... Being a dick." She said. I laughed. "Kind of sounds like me when I was his age." I replied. "You got that right. You were... Something." She said. I laughed, and pushed her shoulder. "I wasn't that bad." I said. "No, you were pretty bad. From what I remember." She said. "Okay. You're fifteen. You were four when I was fourteen." I said. She laughed. "Get some sleep, alright." I said. She nodded, and put her head on my shoulder.

I noticed her cry. "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked. She laughed a little, and wiped her tears. "It's stupid." She said. "You know, Liz said that to me when I found out her ex cheated on her. Tell me." I said. She sighed. "I-I just miss you." She said. I smiled, and pulled her onto my lap. I put my hand on her stomach, and my chin on her head. "I miss you too. But hey, I'm here now. Lets make the best out of it." I said. She nodded, and leaned back. "I love you Ash." She said. "Love you too Zo. Now, get to sleep. You can sleep in here, or with Luke." I said. "I think I'll sleep in the room." She said. "Okay. If you need me, I'll be in my room. I'll give you a tour tomorrow." I said. She nodded. "Night." I said. "Night." She replied, walking into the hallway.

Zoe's POV

I went into the room, seeing Luke on Skype with Brittany. I rolled my eyes, and laid down. "My sister's here." Luke said. "So? Ignore her." Brittany replied. I rolled my eyes again. "She's a bitch anyway." She said. I turned my head, seeing Luke smiling. "I'm right here you know." I said. Luke rolled his eyes. "You do know I'm older right." I said. He rolled his eyes again.

I got up, and closed his laptop. "What the fuck Zoe!" He yelled. "Get over it! I'm your sister! You're treating me like complete shit! And I'm tired of it." I said. "Well maybe if you weren't such a bitch, I wouldn't treat you like shit." He said. I stepped back, as if I was winded. "Now you're going to go cry to Ashton like you did before." He said. "You know what. I am. Because he actually cares, unlike you. You're a jackass. I hate you. Go back to live with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm going to enjoy my time here." I said, walking out of the room.

Ashton's POV

"Do they always fight like that?" Silver asked. "I guess. I don't know." I replied. Right after I said that, Zoe came running in. "I hate him. I hate him so much Ash." She said. I sat up, signaling her to come over. She came closer, and I pulled her onto my lap. "Shh. Shh." I said, rubbing her back. "I hate him so much. He's a jackass. I wish he wasn't my brother." She said, frantically. "No, no. Shh." I said. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Let me." Silver said. I nodded, and kissed Zoe's head.

Zoe's POV

"I know how you feel, you know." Silver said. "You do?" I asked, sniffling. She nodded. "I have a fifteen year old brother. I don't talk about him a lot, because I don't like him. But that doesn't mean I don't love him. My brother always called me names. He would call me a slut, whore, bitch, and more. I had enough one day, and I..." She said, rolling her sleeves up. "I did this... He didn't care, because I didn't tell him why I did it. He didn't know why I did it. But, fourteen is a hard age. Trust me. It was only four years ago I was fourteen. And let me tell you, I treated people like shit. But, my brother... I was older, he was younger. He treated me like garbage. Until one day... He found out I did... do this because of him. And he is with me everyday now." She said. "I'm not saying you should self harm yourself to get your brother's attention. I'm saying... Talk it over with him. Let him know how you feel." She said. "He doesn't listen to me. All he cares about is his slutty ass girlfriend." I said. "Take his phone, computer, every single ounce of communication he has. And talk to him. I'll sit in the room with you. I'm sure Ashton will too." She said. I smiled. "Thank you, Silver." I said. She smiled. "Any time." She replied, hugging me.

*Next Day*

Ashton's POV

"So, this is the kitchen." I said, showing Lucas and Zoe around. "Nice." Zoe said. "Yeah. lovely." Luke replied, looking at his phone. "His girlfriend again." Zoe whispered. "She's better to talk to than you." Lucas snapped. "Alright. I had enough." I said. I took his phone out of his hands, and put it in my back pocket. "Hey!" Lucas yelled. "Couch. Now." I said. Lucas rolled his eyes, but went to the couch.

"Lucas. Talk to Zoe. Nicely." I said. "Um..." Lucas said. "I... like... your hair?" He questioned. I sighed. "Okay we need to take this a different road. Zoe. Tell Lucas how you feel." I said. "What is this? Sibling therapy?" Lucas snapped, getting up. "Sit your ass down now." I said sternly. He gulped, and sat down. "Go ahead Zo." I said. It's nice to see Lucas this way. Afraid of me. I like this. He's never seen me angry, so this is really good.

"You... treat me like garbage. Worse than garbage. And... It really hurts. A lot. It feels like I'm losing you. And I know I am. But the worst part, I'm losing my mind." I said. Lucas rolled his eyes. "Okay. Enough being nice. Do you want to know how I feel!" She yelled. I gulped. I've never seen her so angry. Lucas just looked at her. She rolled her sleeves up. Please no. Please- "This is why, Luke!" She yelled, shoving her arms in his face. "Zoe. I-I didn't-" "You didn't know. I know. Do you know how long, Luke." She said, crying. "Four months. Four months Luke. Because of you." She said. "Every mean thing you say to me. Every mean thing you do to me. Goes right to the heart. The bitch, the whore, the unwanted, the mistake. Is all right here. For you to see." She said, rolling her sleeves back down. There were tears in Luke's eyes.


"This is the kitchen." I said. Zoe and Luke smiled. They made up, and talked everything over. Luke said he was sorry for everything he said, and did to her. And Zoe said she was sorry. Luke broke up with Brittany, too. "I like it." Lucas said. I smiled. "Living room." I said. "Cozy couch." Zoe said, laughing. I laughed, and shook my head. "Picture room. Which will be turned into a nursery." I said, opening the door. "Wow." Zoe said. Lucas smiled. "Look, it's mum." He said, picking up a picture of mom and dad when they were younger. "Look, it's you and me." Zoe said, holding a picture up of them when they were just babies. Luke smiled.


*Five days later*

"Call me everyday." I said. Zoe rolled her eyes. "And don't forget to tell Grandma I love her." I said. "I know I know." She said. I smiled. "Thanks for having us Ash." She said, hugging me. I smiled. "You are my siblings." I said. She rolled her eyes. "Have a safe trip home, alright. Call me once you land." I said. "I will. Love you." She said. "Love you too." I replied, once she stepped out the door.



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