Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


44. Like Father, Like Son Like Mother Like Daughter

Skylar's POV

I looked at my cheek in the bathroom mirror. Swelled, bruised and there was a handprint. Someone will ask questions. And they will all think it was Luke. But it wasn't. It was Andrew. I can't anymore. Andrew is ruining my life. I can't put up with it anymore.

"Oh my god! Mom what happened to your face!" Ashton yelled. "There's a handprint on it! Mom, who did this!" He yelled. Him yelling made Zoe, Liz and Silver all run down the stairs.

"Ashton, don't get involved with this. I don't need you getting hurt." I said. "No mom. Who did this." He said. "I want you all to go upstairs. Now." I said.


"Michael, I don't know what to do now. He slapped me." I cried. I invited all the guys over to tell them. And I could tell they are really angry. "Did you tell Luke?" Calum asked. I shook my head.

"Mom. Who did this." Ashton said, walking down the stairs. "Ashton-" "tell him sky." Michael said. I sighed. "Ashton, your grandpa did this." I said. His eyes grew wide.

Luke's POV

"Hey Luke, it's Mike. Again. Call me back." "Hey, it's Cal. Call me." "Luke answer your phone." "Dad. It's Ash. Answer." "Dad, it's Liz. Answer your phone."

"Hey, what's... Skylar! What the hell happened!" I yelled. "Luke, your dad hates me." She said. "My dad did this?" I asked. She nodded. "Alright. I had enough." I said, walking out the door.


"Dad!" I yelled. "Come down here!" I yelled. "Luke, what's going on?" Mum asked. "Dad decided to take his anger out on Skylar." I said. "What?" She asked. "I don't know what happened, but dad hit Skylar." I said. Her jaw dropped.

"Andrew!" She yelled. Dad came walking down the stairs. "You hit that poor girl." She said. "She deserved it. After what happened with Lucas and Zoe. She's a horrible mother." He said. "What happened with Lucas and Zoe?" I asked.

"They went out to a party. Lucas got drunk. And now, I guess your dad took his anger out on Skylar." Mum said. "You. Hit Skylar dad." I said. "She deserved it. She's a horrible mother. Bella would have been better." He said. "Bella is away, dad! She has her own life! Her own family! Skylar is mine, dad! She is my wife, my amazing wife!" I yelled. "You touch her, let alone go near her again, or raise a finger on my son, or any of my children, I will, myself, kill you." I said, leaving.


Skylar's POV

"Mum." Liz said, walking into my room. "Did gramps really do that?" She asked. "He did honey." I replied. "I'm sorry mum. That shouldn't have happened to you." She said. "You are so much like me." I said. She smiled.

"Mum." She said. "Do you really have a belly button ring?" She asked. I laughed, and nodded. "I wanna see it." She said. I laughed, and lifted my shirt.

"Wow." She said. My gray belly button ring was dangling against my skin, which she played with. "I want one." She said. "It hurts. Aunt Lexi and I went together, and I cried the entire time." I said. She smiled. "I went through birth. I think I can handle it." She said. "That's what I said!" I said. She laughed.

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