Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


12. Life of Liz Hemmings

Liz's POV

I decided to go to the store, to pick up some things for my mom, since her birthday is coming up. Ashton of course just had to come with me, also because I can't drive yet.

"Ash." I said picking up a magazine. "Yea?" He replied walking over to me. "Why am I on the cover?" I asked. He shrugged. I turned to the page, and read: "Liz Hemmings, truth behind her life. Many of you may be wondering, what the life is like for Luke Hemmings, and Skylar Williams daughter, Liz Hemmings is like. Well, we have the inside scoop.

Last month, Liz had a sweet sixteen, inviting many friends and family. Her brother, Ashton Hemmings, revealed news to her, that she didn't quite like. He revealed that her boyfriend, also Ashton's former best friend/former guitarist, Jake Wimmings, cheated in her. Liz, unfortunately didn't take it so well, leaving into a back room, with her mother, Skylar Williams(using maiden name).

Sixteen year old, Liz Hemmings, is now, pregnant with Wimmings child, and Wimmings is not in her life, nor her brothers life.

So, what is she up to now? Hemmings' and her family are keeping it low for now, but, last month, a week after Liz's party, oldest brother, ashton, fought with Wimmings, telling him to stay away from Hemmings. Here are some questions that we have asked Ashton and Liz themselves.

Is Ashton a good brother? She replied saying, yes, he is the best brother I could ever ask for. Being the middle child, means that I do at times have to step up, especially to my little sister, who looks up to me.

How protective are you? We asked Ashton. He replied saying, I am probably one of the most protective person in my family. Being the oldest, I know a lot of other things, and I know the things that happened, when my mom was pregnant with Liz.

Who are you most protective over? We asked both of them. Liz replied saying, defiantly my younger siblings. They are only fourteen. My cousins as well, and my new baby cousins, Calum Jr, and Skylar.

Ashton replied saying, Liz. Defiantly Liz. She is sixteen, and when I was sixteen, I went through really hard moments, where I would just curse off my parents, ditch school, and get into fights with paparazzi. And I actually grew up with paparazzi surrounding me everywhere. And, to me, Liz is the most valuable thing as of right now.

How is the life of being children of singers? We asked. Liz replied saying, honestly, I personally love it. I mean, we get the hate, and the threats, but living with the most funniest and best uncles in the world, is awesome.

Ashton, replied saying, I hated it the first day I got chased by paparazzi. I mean, I love my family, but we can't have a personal life. " I finished.

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