Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


21. Leaving and Lullabies

Skylars POV

"Oh my baby boy!" I said. "My baby boy is leaving." I said. "Mum, I'll be back soon." Ashton said. "I know. But still. My little boy!" I said, hugging him. "Dad. Please help." Ashton said. "Sky, we talked about this." Luke said. I nodded.

"Alright. Off you go." I said, at the airport. "I'm gonna miss you." Ashton said. "Im gonna miss you too." I said. "Alright. I gotta go. I love you." He said. "I love you too." I said.

"Our little boy is off to college Luke. College." I said. "I know." He said. "I'm so old." I said. He laughed. "Let's go make sure Liz is doing okay in the hospital." He said. I nodded.


"Get this out!" Liz yelled as we walked through the hospital door. "I want it out!" She yelled. "Ssh. Baby. It's okay." I said. "No it's not! This thing hurts! I want it out now!" She yelled. "Old times." Luke said. "Dad! Shut up!" Liz yelled. "It's okay babe. Just the hormones." I said. He nodded. "I know. We went through this like six times." He said. I laughed.

"Push!" I yelled, holding Liz's hand. "One more time honey! You're going great!" I yelled. We heard little noises of baby cries. Liz sat there crying, and smiling.

"Here's your baby." The nurse said, handing Liz over a baby boy. "Mum." She said. "Is it alright if I keep him?" She asked. "Honey, that will be perfectly fine." I said. She smiled.


"Oh my god! This doesn't shut up!" Liz yelled. "Honey. It's a baby. Give it time." I said. "I haven't slept in days. It's been two weeks!" She yelled. "Go lay down, and sleep. I'll take care of Jake." I said. She smiled.

"Hello my beautiful baby." I said, picking him up. So small, so fragile. He smiled up at me. "You're hungry." I said, walking down the stairs. I smiled.

Luke's POV

Liz was passed out on the couch, and Skylar was feeding jake. The guys are at their house, it's just the four of us now. "Luke." Skylar whispered. I walked over to her. "Look at this. He hasn't slept in weeks." She said. "You're just a natural." I said. She smiled.

Liz's POV

Sleep. You need it. I don't know how mum had four kids. How did she sleep! I guess, it's because our father was around. I mean, jakes father can be around. It would just be awkward, because his father is my uncle.

I finally updated! Who knows how long it's been! Too long! I know it's a short chapter. But it's 1:05 AM.

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