Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


29. Interrogation

Liz's POV

"Remember when Ashton told your mum that he heard us screaming each others names. And he drew a picture?" Mum asked dad. "Ew, mum. Seriously. In front of my boyfriend." I said. "Sorry Dylan." Mum said. "It's fine, Mrs. Williams." He replied.

Dylan and I started dating. He's truly amazing. "Babe, do I have to meet your brother?" He asked. "Sadly yes. He's seriously overprotective." I replied. He sighed. "I know." I said, kissing him. "I need some relaxing." He said. "Hm. What ever shall we do?" I asked. He smirked. "I like your thinking." I said.

He sat back, and i straddled his lap. We kissed hardly, and he slid his tongue into my mouth. I moved up his lap, and eventually started to grind on him. "Liz." He sighed. I kept kissing him, and he held my bum. My hands were tangled in his hair, and his hands were sliding up and down my back.

He eventually took his shirt off, then he took mine off. His hands fiddled with my button on my jeans, and he eventually took them off. He laid us back on the bed, and I was still on top.

It was getting really heated, until Jake started crying. I put my head on Dylan's chest. "Always at the good parts." He said, as I got up. I laughed. "My uncle should be here soon. He takes him on the weekends." I said, putting his shirt over my bra.

Dylan followed me downstairs into the living room. I was still in his shirt, and only my underwear. "Mum... Ashton!" I yelled, running to him. Ashton put Jake down, and hugged me back. "Where's Silvia?" I asked. "With mom." He replied, his accent is almost gone. "Oh, okay. Ash, this is Dylan. My boyfriend." I said. "So you're the boyfriend. Liz speaks very fond of you." Ashton replied. "Same to you." Dylan replied.

"Liz, can I ask him some questions?" Ashton asked. I sighed. "Don't make it too nerve racking, he's really nervous to meet you." I said. "Will do." Ashton replied.

"I'm staying, don't worry." I said, as I took Dylan's hand. "So, Dylan, why are you so nervous?" Ashton asked. I nodded. "Liz says your very protective. And how you were with her past boyfriends. I just want to make a good impression on you. I want to get your approval. Because that's what matters the most to me." Dylan replied. Ashton nodded in approval.

"Have you taken her out on a date yet?" Ashton asked. "Yes. We went to a new Italian restaurant that recently opened. I paid. I told her to get anything on the menu, and I would pay. Then, we walked on the beach." Dylan replied. Ashton nodded.

"Do you know about Jake?" He asked. "I do. And, I think she's an amazing mother. I help out with him sometimes when I'm over." Dylan replied.

"One last thing." Ashton said. "You know who she is, right?" He asked. Dylan nodded. "How do I know you're not using her because of fame?" He asked. "Ashton." I said. "No, no. It's fine." Dylan said. "Ashton, I love your sister very much. For who she is. I love her dorky, loving, caring personality. I would never use her for fame." Dylan replied. Ashton nodded.

"Alright. I like you Dylan." Ashton said. I smiled brightly. "But, you break my sisters heart, I won't hesitate to hurt you." Ashton said. "No need to worry about that. I would never hurt her." Dylan said.


Ashton's POV

"Mom, please don't show... Them." I said, as mom took out the old baby pictures. "This is when Ashton was just born." Mom said, showing Silvia my baby picture. "One years old." Mom said. "Two." She said. "Oh my, this is me with him when he was born." Mom said. "Wow Mrs. Williams. You were like, hot!" Silvia said. Mom started laughing. "You should have seen his father. What a cutie." She said. "And once a baby was born, another one on the way." Dad said, standing behind mom. "Well that's because your little machine down there, would just go, and not stop." Mom said. "Ew, mom. Really." I said.

"Oh, this is when he was seven. Him and his uncle were dancing in the living room." Mom said. "Are those... Spider-Man underwear. Ashton!" Silvia said. I face palmed. "Yeah, yeah, tell her about the time you dropped me." I said. "Okay, that was your father. Not me." She defended.

Sexual Content********

Liz's POV

"Please." I said, as I laid on my bed. Dylan smirked, and he put his fingers inside me. I raised my hips up, as he dug deeper. "Dylan." I moaned. "Say it again. Say my name." He said, pushing harder. "Dylan!" I yelled. He smirked, and took his fingers out of me.


"Oh. Baby." He said, as he pounded into me. "Dylan!" I yelled, as he held me. I was breathing heavily, and so was he. Sweat beamed down his face, as he gave one last hard push into me, and that sent me over the edge. "Fuck yea." He said, as he laid next to me. Both our chest heaving. "That. Was. Amazing." I said between breaths. He nodded in agreement.

"Liz! Your uncles are here!" Mum yelled. "Come on," I said, pulling Dylan up. I put on my dress, and Dylan put on his jeans and his white shirt.

"Uncle Mikey!" I yelled, hugging him. "Hey." He said. "Hi aunt Ky." I said. "Hi honey." She replied. "Babe, can you go get James?" She asked. Uncle Mikey nodded. "Uncle Cal." I said, hugging him. "Hi aunt Aut." I said. Aunt Aut just smiled. Alright then. "Uncle Ash." I said. "Here's, uh, Jake." He said, handing me the baby.

"Momma." Jake said. "Yes baby." I replied. "Dada." He said. "Not now baby." I said. "Dada." He said again. "Dada!" He screamed. Uncle Ash came running into the living room. Luckily, Dylan was upstairs, talking to his mum.

"What's wrong." Uncle ash asked. "Momma. Dada." Jake said. "Dada. Momma. Ashy." He said. I smiled. "He uses his words good." Uncle Ash said. I nodded. "Come here Jake." I said, opening my arms. "Dada." Jake said, hugging Uncle Ash's legs. I sighed. "Someone likes his daddy." Uncle ash said. I laughed.

"Babe, I gotta go. Jess is acting up." Dylan said, walking down stairs. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked. He nodded, and kissed me. "Love you." He said. "I love you too." I replied. "Jake, come give me some hugs." Dylan said. Jake came running to Dylan, and gave him a big hug. "Can I take him?" He asked. "Please do." I replied. He laughed. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow." He said. "Kay." I replied.


"So, tell us about this boy, Lil." Uncle Mikey said. "Oh, he's great. He treats me right, he's handsome. Charming. Just... Amazing." She replied. "Until he cheats on you." Ashton mumbled. I kicked his leg. "I heard her boyfriend was your ex Silvia." Uncle Cal said. She nodded. "What happened?" He asked. "He, uh, cheated on me." She replied. "Wow. What a slutbag that girl must be." Uncle Cal said. "Calum." Dad said. "His ex girlfriend and I are actually pretty close." Silvia said. "I wouldn't be. When uncle Mikey and aunt Bella used to date, we hated her. With a passion." He said. I looked to the floor.

"Dada." Jake said. "Not now Jake." I said. "Dada!" He yelled again. "Jake, come here." I said, opening my arms. He ran to me, and jumped in my arms. "Momma." He said. "Momma need to put you to bed." I said. He shook his head. "Dada." He said. "How about, I put you to bed, and dada comes up later?" I asked. He nodded. "Okay, wave goodbye." I said, as I picked him up. He went around, giving everyone a hug. I looked at Uncle Ash, who nodded.

"Goodnight baby." I said, laying jake down in his crib. "Momma." He said, playing with my hair. "I'm here." Someone said behind me. "Dada!" Jake yelled, getting up. Uncle Ash came over and picked him up. "Dada." Jake said, cuddling into uncle ash's chest. "Be good for momma." He said. Jake nodded. I smiled. "Thanks." I said. He shrugged.

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