Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


49. Getting Ready

Ashton's POV

"Put the bag in the backseat of the car. I want to be ready." Silvia said. Eight months pregnant. "Babe, I already put the bag in the car. It's been in there for a whole month." I said. "Are you giving me attitude?" She asked. Not this again. "Of course not." I replied. She rolled we eyes at me.


Skylar's POV

"Liz, honey, you'll do fine on your exams." I said. She sighed. "Just take deep breaths." I said. She nodded. "Good luck." I said, kissing her head. She nodded, and hugged me.


"Honey, look at you! You're huge!" I yelled, putting my hand on Silvia's stomach. She smiled, and sighed. "I just want it out." She said. "Just a few more weeks Hun." I said. She nodded. "You'll be a great mother." I said. She smiled. "Are you hungry?" I asked. "Not really. I've been having a lot of contractions lately. I don't want to scream while I'm eating." She said. "Silvia, dear, I raised six kids in this house. I've cleaned up blood, throw up, pee, poop, diapers, toys, clothes, used condoms, tampons, I've seen it all." I said. She said. I laughed.


Liz's POV

"So, are you excited?" I asked. "Sort of. I know it will hurt." Silvia replied. I nodded. "But I only want it out." She said. "That's how I felt with Jake. I wanted him out. And because he was born early, I was so exited to have him out. Are you having a natural birth, or a C-section?" I asked. "Natural." She replied.

"I'll be there for you when you have the baby." I said. "Of course. But I'm going to have your mom and Ashton in the room." She said. "Understandable." I replied. She nodded.

Ashton's POV

Dad walked into my room, and sat down on the bed. "What did I do now?" I asked. "Nothing. Nothing. I wanted to talk to you." He replied. "Okay. Well, in that case, continue." I said.

"Silvia is having her baby in a few weeks. You need to support her, and be there for her." He said. "I plan on it." I replied. He nodded. "I wasn't there for your mum, and she walked out a few times." He said. "But that's also because you didn't get married until Liz and I were a little older." I said. "Yes, but you need to be there for her, and your kid." He said. I nodded.

"Just know, we are here for you both, if you need us." He said. I nodded. He got up off my bed, and walked to the door. He opened my door, but turned to me. "Next time, use a condom." He said, before leaving.

Silvia's POV

"Ashton!" I yelled. Another sharp pain. I screamed in pain. This baby is coming. "Ashton!" I screamed. He ran down the stairs. "We got to go." I said. He nodded, and helped me up. "Breathe baby. Do our breathing exercises." He said. I nodded, and did our breathing. "That's it." He said, starting the car. I'm gonna have a baby.

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