Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


36. "Get home now!"

Ashton's POV

"All students, report to the auditorium now." The dean said. Silver and I raced to the auditorium, they only do this if there is an emergency.

"There has been an accident." The Dean said into the microphone. Everyone looked around. "Paul Dwell has passed of an over dose." He said. My jaw dropped. "Everyone must return to their dorms immediately, for a search." He said. "Come on." I said, pulling Silver out of the auditorium.

"Are you okay?" She asked. "No. I lost my roommate." I said. "I'm sorry." She said. "Thanks. Be careful. Call me, alright." I said. She nodded, closing her door. I lost my roommate.


"Mr. Williams, we understand this is the room where Paul overdosed. You're more than welcome to step out." The dean said. "Sir, I don't live in a dorm anymore. I live in an apartment. I haven't been here in a while." I said. "Yes, we know. If we find anything, it will not be blamed on you." He said. "Thanks." I said, stepping out.

As I waited in the hall, my phone started ringing. "Hello." I said. "Ashton Calum Michael, you better tell me it isn't true." Mom said, sounding hysterical. "What?" I asked. "Did your roommate overdose? Don't you dare lie to me." She said. "Mom, he really did overdose." I said. "I want you to come home." She said. "Mom I can't just-" "Get home now!" She yelled. "Alright. Alright." I said, hanging up.


I packed all my things up, along with Silvers. "We're seriously leaving." Sil said. I nodded. "My mom doesn't trust this place now." I said. She nodded. "Alright." She said. I grabbed her hand, and we left the apartment, keys on the counter, pictures packed up, everything that was ours, we took.


"Ashton, lovely to see you again." Benny, a personal attendant on the jet said. "Lovely to see you too, Benny." I replied. She smiled. Yes, Benny is a girl. She's about mid twenties, with long blonde hair, and brown eyes. She reminds me of my mom when she was younger.


"I'm tired." Sil whined. "I know, just a little longer until we're at the house." I said, kissing her head. She sighed, and sat back in the car. "Where to again?" The driver asked. "Luke and Skylar Hemmings' House. For the last time, 40 guiale place. Western Sydney." I said. "Right yes. And, how do you know them?" He asked. "Once again. I'm their son." I said. He nodded.


"Ashton!" My mom yelled, running to me. I noticed her flat stomach. "You had the baby?" I asked. "She's inside." She replied. I nodded. "Silver, I missed you." Mom said. "I missed you too Mrs. Williams." She replied.

"Dad." I said, hugging him. "Thank god you're alright. We were worried sick." He said. "Don't worry. Paul overdosed. By a lot." I said. "I know. I read about it. Aunt Lolly told me about it. Which instantly made me worry." He said. "I'm fine. I didn't take any." I said. He nodded.

"Is this the new baby?" I asked. Mom nodded with a smile. "What's her name?" I asked. "Destiny." Mom said. I smiled. "Destiny Grace."  She said. I smiled. "She's beautiful." I said. Mom nodded. "Sil, look at this." I said. Silver came over, with a smile. "Hold her, for practice." I said. She smiled, and took her. "Wow. So fragile." She said. I nodded. "She looks like you Mr. Hemmings." She said. Dad smiled.

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