Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


2. Family Meeting

Liz's POV

"Don't worry. My parents aren't home." I said to my boyfriend. "But what of we get caught, and-" "don't worry." I replied.

He kissed up my neck, and down my body. "Are you sure you want to?" He asked. "Yes." I replied.

"That...was...amazing." I said between breaths. My boyfriend nodded. "I better get going, before your-" He got cut off by my dad coming into my room. "Get out." Dad said. "Yes sir." My boyfriend replied. "As for you. Get dressed. I want you down stairs." He said.

Luke's POV

"Luke, what's going on?" Calum asked. "I found out Liz is having sex." I replied. "Well, you had sex at sixteen." He said. I looked at him. He threw his hands up.

"Okay. Me and your mother want to tell you something." I said. "Oh god. Not another baby." Ashton said. "No. How would you feel if Lucas and Zoe came to live with us. And possibly Alex." Skylar said. "Alex. Seriously Alex." Ashton said. "She is your sister." I replied. "No she's not. Shes my ex girlfriend." Ashton replied. "You were twelve get over it." I said. "Luke." Skylar said.

"So, if Lucas and Zoe come to live with us, that means, no ditching, and NO sex." I said. "Back it up. Who the hell is having sex?" Skylar asked. "We will talk about it later." I replied.

Ashton's POV

When dad said Alex, I couldn't keep my mouth shut. The last time I saw Alex, was when my dumbass mom adopted her. And now shes eighteen.

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