Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


25. Desicion

Long chapter for you guys! I know you've all been waiting!

Liz's POV

"Mum, I know what I want to do." I said, walking down the stairs. She looked at me, and so did dad. "I think I want to stay." I said. Both their faces lightened, and they sighed in relief. "That's great honey, I'm happy you chose to stay." Mum said.

Skylar's POV

"Ash, I don't know." I said. "Please. One day with him. Just one." He said. "It's not my baby. It's Liz's. You have to ask her." I replied. He smiled.

Liz's POV

"Hey kiddo." Uncle ash said. "Oh, hey." I replied. Uncle ash and aunt lol, they are my favorite, but uncle mikey and Kylie, they are the best. "I was wondering if I could..." "Yeah, take him." I said. "Really?" He asked. I nodded.

He picked up Jake, and smiled. "Look, I know jakes my kid, and I know he needs a father in his life, and as much as I would love to be his father, I... I just can't. He needs a father, who is your age. And not apart of your family." He said. I nodded. "You can, uh, take him for the weekend if you want." I said. He nodded.


Ashtons POV

"Hey ashton, do you have the notes?" Silver Thomas asked. This girl is beautiful. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Tall. Skinny. Just, breath taking. "Oh, um, y..." I got cut off by yelling. "Silver! I told you not to back away from me!" Sean Knolls yelled. He grabbed her by the forearm, and tugged her away. "Hey man, leave her alone." I said. "Shut up, Williams." He spat. "Man, come on, leave her alone." I said. "Shut up, prick." He spat. "Sean, sean, stop." Silver said, as he got closer to me. I kicked him in the shins, and he let Silvia go. I pulled her behind me. "Go." I said. "B..." "Go! I'll be fine! Just go!" I yelled. She looked at me, and ran.

"You wanna fight, so, let's fight Williams. You're daddy isn't here now." Sean spat. "I don't need my dad." I said, punching him in the face. "You asked for it." He said, punching me right in the face. I kicked him in the stomach, which made him back away. "You never treat a girl that way." I said. "Oh yeah, says the one who got his cousin pregnant." He said. "That. Wasn't. True!" I yelled. I punched him in the face; stomach, and then the balls. He cried out in pain, as he fell to the floor, holding his area. "You little fucker!" He yelled. "Don't talk about my family. And don't, treat a girl that way, asshole." I said, turning around.

"Ashton you're okay!" Silver said. "Yeah, I'm fine." I said, shrugging my shoulders. "You're bleeding." She said. "It's nothing." I replied. "Come on, let me clean you up." She said, walking into my dorm room.

"Where'd you learn to fight?" She asked, as a warm towel came in contact with my right eye. "My uncle taught me, incase if anyone hurt my sister, I could beat them up." I said. She smiled. "You really care for your sister don't you?" She asked. I nodded. "Is that her? In the picture on the night stand?" She asked. "Yeah, she's seventeen." I said. She smiled. "She's pretty." She said. "She takes after my mum. So my dad says." I replied. She smiled. "You must get your looks from your dad then. He's handsome, like you." She said. "Thanks." I replied.

"Do you miss your parents?" She asked. I nodded. "A lot. My mum always calls me, every day, to tell me how my sisters and brother are." I said. "That's sweet." She said. "Do you miss your family?" I asked. I know nothing about this girl. But, we are actually good friends. "Oh, uh, my parents died... In a car accident when I twelve. But uh, I miss my little sisters." She said. "I'm sorry." I said. "They were always fighting anyway. My aunt said it was for the best, so they could be happy." She said.

"How old are your sisters?" She asked. "Seventeen and fourteen." I replied. "Your brother?" She asked. "Fourteen." I said. "Your sisters?" I asked. "Six, seventeen, seven and nine." She said. "Wow. You're the oldest." I said. She nodded. "I have a cousin, who's fourteen, seventeen, sixteen, eleven, five, and two." I said. "Wow." She said. I nodded. "And my nephew, who's just about seven months." I said. "Your sister has a baby?" She asked. "Yeah, my mum wasn't very pleased, but, my mum understood, because she got pregnant with me when she was seventeen." I said. She nodded.

"You're beautiful." I said. She smiled, and looked down. "Don't be embarrassed. Don't hide your face. Not from me." I said. She looked back to me. "Thanks for today, it was really brave of you to do that. No one goes up against Sean." She said. "No girl should have to put up with him." I said.

She moved to my lips with the warm towel. I winced. "Does that hurt?" She asked. "Just a little." I said, with a little smile. "Can you deal with it? I need to clean this out for you." She said. I nodded. "Just hold still." She said, as she pressed the towel to the open wound. I winced a little. "Sorry, sorry." She said, moving between my legs. "Sean was... Always possessive." She said randomly. "How long have you two been dating?" I asked. "A year. It was a year. That was... Until I broke up with him." She said. "He doesn't deserve your time." I said. "I know that... Now." She said.

"There, all clean." She said, putting the towel down. "Thanks." I said. "Oh, no problem." She said, with a smile. "I know how weird this sounds, but can I stay here for a little?" She asked. "Of course. I can put on a movie, or make some dinner." I said. "Dinner sounds lovely, thanks." She said.


"This is lovely, I didn't know you could cook." She said. I laughed. "I used to cook for my parents. On their anniversary, I cooked dinner for them." I said. "That's so sweet. I love how you're so involved with your family." She said.

"So, what are your sisters names?" I asked. "Hannah, Ryan, Nicole, and Caylen." She replied. "Beautiful names." I said. "How about your siblings?" She asked. "My sisters, Liz and Zoe. And my brother is Lucas. But we have different last names." I said. "Really?" She asked, covering her mouth. I nodded. "I'm a Williams. Liz is a Williams. Lucas and Zoe are Hemmings." I said. "Why's that?" She asked. "When my sister and I were born, my mum and dad weren't married, so, we went with Williams. But, I was about ten when my parents got married, and liz was eight." I said. She nodded.

In the middle of dinner, my phone rang, with Liz's ringtone. "I'm sorry. That's my sister." I said. "Oh, it's okay." She replied. I got up, and answer. "Hey liz." I said. I put the phone on speaker. "Hey, you have no idea how lonely I am." She said. I laughed. "Why?" I asked, with a laugh. "Mum and dad went out with uncle Cal, Uncle Mikey, and Uncle Niall, and uncle Harry, and Uncle Zayn, and uncle Liam, and uncle Louis." She said. "Where's jake? Spend some time with him." I said. "Uncle ash took him for the weekend. Lily and Violet are at Vickie's house. And Lucas and Zoe are still with grandma. And I am so lonely." She said. "Okay, liz, how about... Oh! Call Kylie!" I said. "She's old! Oh, ash, Uncle Mikey and Kylie's wedding is coming up!" Liz said. "Mum will tell me the date." I said. "Wait, Liz, isn't it like midnight at home?" I asked. "Yeah, im not that tired though." She said. "Liz, please sleep. You know I don't like when you don't sleep." I said. I looked over at Silver, who was smiling. "Hello? Ash? You there?" Liz asked. "That's so sweet ashton." Silver said. "Ash? Who's there?" Liz asked. "Oh, sorry, my friend Silver is here." I said. "A girl! Wait until mum hears this one!" Liz yelled. "Liz... Liz! Don't! You know what would happen! Shes not coming down here!" I yelled. "Why? Did you beat up her boyfriend or something?" Liz asked. When I didn't reply, she gasped. "Ashton Calum Michael!" She yelled. "Elizabeth Marie!" I yelled. "Mums gonna flip! Oh! Even better! Uncle Niall!" She yelled. "Liz..." Then the phone went dead.

A few minutes after I got off the phone with Liz, my phone rang again. "My family. I'm sorry." I said. "Don't worry about it. It's nice how you answer them, not just ignore them because I'm here." She said. I smiled.

"Hello." I answered. "Ashton Calum Michael Williams! You beat up a girl's boyfriend!" Uncle Niall yelled through the phone. "Well, he deserved it. He was treating her badly." I said. "Doesn't make it right!" He yelled. "Uncle Niall, can we talk about this later?" I asked. "Fine. Alright. I need to get uncle Harry back. He's a little... Wasted." He said. I laughed. "Goodnight uncle Niall." I said, hanging up.


"I don't have any clothes." Silver said. "Don't worry about it. I can find you some. If you don't mind boxers and a band shirt." I said. She laughed. "Not at all. I admire your style." She said. "Oh really." I said. She nodded, letting a giggle escape her lips. "You're really beautiful." I said. She blushed. "Thanks. So are you. Well, I mean, not beautiful, because your not a girl, but beautiful as..." I cut her off, by kissing her. She hesitated at first, but her lips moved with mine. She pulled away, with a big smile. "You were talking too much." I said. "Maybe I should talk more often if that's what happens." She said. I laughed.

Silver walked out in my band tee, and boxers, her hair pulled back, and her pink socks. "You look good in my clothes." I said. "Oh, don't flatter yourself." She said. I laughed, and kissed her. "You have no idea how long I've liked you." I said. She blushed. "So, that being said, be my girlfriend?" I asked. She smiled widely. "I would love to, as long as i don't get bombarded with questions from your family." She said. "Can't make any promises." I said. "I think I can live." She said, kissing me.


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