Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


39. Day Out

Skylar's POV

"Elizabeth! You said no more!" I yelled. "I'm sorry mum! I can't help it!" Liz yelled back. "And you're sure you're pregnant." I said. She nodded. I sighed. "Me and your father are not going to raise this one." I said. "I know, I know. Uncle Harry will." She replied. "No! You and Dylan will." I said. "But-" "Liz, it's your child. Like Jake. You need to be there for your child." I said. "Like you were there for us?" She mumbled. "I was there for you." I said. "Barely." She replied. "This is not about me Liz. It's about you." I snapped. "Fine. I'll raise the damn baby on my own." She said, walking away.

Ashton's POV

"Liz, I'm taking Jake out." I said, walking into her room.  "Be careful please. " She replied. I nodded. "Ash." She said. I looked at her, and sat on her bed. "If I tell you something, you can't flip out, alright?" She asked. I nodded. "Well... You see-" "Get to it Liz. I have to pick up Vi and Lil." I said. She sighed. "I'm pregnant." She said. My jaw dropped.

"Dylan's?" I asked. She nodded. I let out a sigh of relief. "I like the guy. I trust him." I said. Liz's eyes shot open. "Whoa, wait, did you just say... You like him? You actually like my boyfriend." She said. I nodded. "He treats you with respect, and you do the same. He's not dating you because of who you are." I replied. "Ashton Calum-Michael Williams likes my boyfriend. Who would have thought." She said. "Elizabeth Marie Willliams likes my girlfriend. Big shocker." I said sarcastically. She laughed. "Go have fun." She said.


Silver, Violet, Lilly, Jake and I all went out shopping. The worst part about shopping is you get the paparazzi. Everywhere. You can't walk anywhere, because they're always there. You can't talk, because they're always listening. It gets really annoying. But Lilly, Violet and I are all used to it, considering we were all born during the time the paparazzi crowded mom and dad.

"Uncle Ash!" Jake yelled, running over to a shelf. "Look!" He yelled. I picked him up, and he grabbed a magazine. "Look! it you and Aunt Siva!" He yelled, pointing to a paparazzi picture of us. I smiled. "I'll get it just for you." I said, handing him the magazine. His eyes got wide, as he held it tightly against his chest. "Hey, you get everything?" I asked Silvia. She nodded, and showed me all the makeup she got. "You don't need makeup babe." I said. "Oh but I do. Have you seen what I look like in the morning?" She replied. "I have. And it's beautiful." I said. She blushed.

"Aunt Siva hold!" Jake yelled. Silver took Jake from me, and held him in her arms. "You're going to have a new baby cousin." She said. "Really!? When!?" He asked. "In about seven months." She replied. "Where is it!? I don't see it." He said, frowning. "Jake, the baby is inside Aunt Siva." I said. "You ate it!" He yelled. "No, no baby. It's resting, like mommy did with you." I replied. He nodded, and laid his head on Sil's shoulder.

I saw a magazine with mom and dad on the cover, with a big X in the middle. I picked it up, and read it. "Skylar and Luke coming to an end soon? Skylar Williams, on the left has supposedly been running out with some guy every morning, and leaving Luke home with the kids. Luke Hemmings, on the right, has confronted Williams about this, but she claims, 'it's nothing. I go out with him to clear my mind, and get away from everything. Nothing is going on.' But, after everything in the past, we don't think it's nothing. It has to be something. 

"Skylar recently had a new baby, many believe is not Luke's. Many people believe it is Skylar's mystery man's baby. Could it be true? Is Skylar and Luke coming to an end?" I laughed. Haven't people heard of, oh I don't know... Friends? Oh wait, it's her therapist!


"What do you think of these Ash?" Lilly asked, showing me a pair of big sunglasses. "You look like Zoe when she tried on mom's sunglasses when she was five." I replied. "Well, I love them." Sil said, coming out of the dressing room in a short, loose black dress. My mouth grew dry. "Whoa." I said. She giggled. "So, you like it?" She asked. I nodded, with my mouth wide open. "Uncle Ash! Mummy says if you have your mouf open buggies will fly in!" Jake yelled. "Close your mouf." He said. I closed my mouth, and just stared.

"Aunt Siva! Wow!" Jake said, running up to Silver. She laughed, and picked him up. "Do you like it?" She asked. He nodded. "Good. I'm wearing it to your mom's anniversary dinner." She said. I completely forgot about that! Oh well. "It looks amazing." I said. She smiled.


Liz's POV

"So, you're about a month along. Would you like to know the gender?" The doctor said. I nodded. Dylan couldn't make it, he also said... He didn't want to go. "It's a girl." He said. I smiled. "Thank you." I replied, getting up. "Is the father supporting?" He asked. "Um, I don't exactly know." I replied. "Very well. I will see you in a month." He said. I nodded.

Uncle Ash stood outside in the car waiting. "Dylan never showed?" He asked. I shook my head. He shrugged. "He'll come around. Give him time. When your dad found out your mum was pregnant, he wouldn't go to her appointments." He replied. I sighed. "I guess... It just wasn't meant to be." I said. "It's alright Liz. Your mum will help." He said. "No she won't. She already said she won't raise her." I replied. "I'll talk to her." He said. I smiled.


"Mummy!" Jake yelled, running into my arms. "Hey baby. How was your day out with Uncle Ash?" I asked, still holding him. "Good! Mummy he buy me book! Aunt Siva put dress on! And, it was fun!" He exclaimed. I smiled. "That's wonderful baby." I said, kissing his head.

"Hey." Someone said. Ashton turned around, and I saw Dylan. "Ashton, can you take Jake to your room? His toys are in there." I said. Ashton nodded, and carried jake upstairs. Silver glared at Dylan, and followed.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there today." Dylan said. "So am I." I replied. "How long along are you?" He asked. "A month." I replied. He smiled. "What's the gender?" He asked. "Girl." I replied. He smiled. "I'm ready for a child. I'm ready to be there. I'm ready for it to be my child." He said. I smiled. He took a step towards me, and smiled.

We were in kissing distance now, and I was all ready for a nice kiss, until I started screaming in pain. I dropped to the floor, holding my stomach. "Oh my god! There's blood!" Dylan screamed. I kept screaming.

Mum came running downstairs, immediately grabbing the phone. "Mum!" I screamed, looking at the puddle of blood on the ground. "Medics are coming baby." She said, kneeling down next to me. "Luke!" Mum screamed. Ashton, Silver and jake came running down the stairs. "Mummy!" Jake yelled. Ashton picked him up, and ran upstairs with him.

Silver knelt down with my mum. Sirens were being heard, then the door bursted open. "Get her on. She's in shock. Get the mask. Make it quick." A man said. My eyes started to feel heavy. The last thing I remember was Ashton running down to me, kneeling in the blood. Then, everything turned black.

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