Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


26. Chapter Twenty Six

I named this one chapter twenty six, because I really don't have a name for it. But, this whole chapter will mostly be Ashton's POV, as well as some more up coming chapters. With that being said, ENJOY! There are a few scenes in here, so, if you don't want to read them, I would say not to.

Ashton's POV

I woke up with Silver next to me. I smiled at the thought of last night. Kissing. Hugging. Cuddling. She was tucked into my chest, her hair sprawled out on her pillow. Her mouth slightly open. She was beautiful.

I untangled herself from me, trying not to wake her up. She stirred slightly, and her eyes opened, then closed. Then opened. "Good morning beautiful." I said. She smiled. "Morning. Do we have class today?" She asked. I laughed slightly. "You just woke up, in my bed, and you're thinking about class." I said, with a laugh. She smiled, and plopped down onto the pillow.

"I'm going to make you breakfast. Stay in here and sleep, I'll wake you when it's ready." I said. She smiled, and nodded.


As I was making breakfast, there was a knock on my door. I ran to the door, opening it. "Liz?" I questioned. Her cheeks were stained, and her eyes were puffy and red. "What happened?" I asked, pulling her inside for a hug. "M-my boy-boyfriend." She said, sobbing. "Boyfriend?" I asked. She nodded. "We dated for a year. Until last night." She said, crying even harder. "Ssh. It's okay." I said, kissing her head.

"Ashton?" Silver said. "Hey, sorry." I said. She looked to the girl in my arms. "I'll give you two some space, uh, I'll go to my dorm, and freshen up." She said. "Okay, thanks. I'll call you later, babe." I said. She nodded, and walked out.


"He what!" I yelled, slamming my hand down on the table. "Cheated on me! He cheated on me, ash! With Lily!" Liz yelled, tears pouring out of her eyes. "What's this assholes name?" I asked. "And how did you meet him?" I asked. "His name is sean, and I met him here, when we came to visit." She said. "Stay here." I said, getting up.

I ran down the hallway, to Sean's dorm. I banged on the door, until he opened it. "What the fuck?" He asked, as I barged into his dorm. I was surprised to see a girl, laying in his bed, wrapped in the blankets. "You cheated on my sister?!? With my damn cousin?!?" I yelled. The girl stirred on the bed, and she sat up. "Shit!" She yelled. I looked at him. "Oh hell no. You did not sleep with him!" I yelled. "A-ashton." Lily nervously said. "Does the family know you're here! What you're doing!" I yelled. "Ashton, please, calm down." She said. "It's bad enough your father is the father of my nephew, but now, you're sleeping with Liz's ex boyfriend!" I yelled. "How many girls are you with Sean? Silver, Liz, Lily. Who else? I wouldn't be surprised if you fucked the entire girl population here!" I yelled.

"Ashton, calm down. He didn't mean for Liz to find out." Lily said. "That's it. I'm calling home." I said. "No! Ashton! Don't do that!" She yelled. "You leave me no choice Lily! You shouldn't be sleeping with someone, who is a man whore." I said. "You better leave now." Sean said. "She's my cousin." I said. "She's my girlfriend." He said. "You don't know her like I do." I said. "Really? Because I believe she told me last, before we had sex, that her family, especially you, knows nothing about her. About her school, her friends, her love life, her sex life." He said, the last part especially slow. "You're an asshole, Sean." I said, punching him in the face. Lily got off the bed, and ran to me.

"Ash! Ashton stop!" She yelled, pulling me off of him. "What is wrong with you!" She yelled, picking up Sean. "When you get pregnant, because this asshole broke the condom, don't come crying to me, because I won't care." I said, before slamming the door closed.


"Ashton, talk to me." Silver said, as she sat on my bed. I just started at the wall. She laid against the pillows, and I put my head in her lap. She stroked my hair, which calmed me down. "My sister." I said. She looked at me. I closed my eyes. "She dated Sean, while he was dating you." I said. I heard her take a deep breath. "He cheated on my sister, with my cousin." I said. "He was dating you, dating my sister, dating and sleeping with my cousin." I said. "Ashton, I'm so sorry." She said, still stroking my hair. "I beat him up." I said. "Ashton-" "I know. But he cheated on you, and my sister." I said. "And let's not forget, he took my seventeen year old cousin's virginity." I said. She gasped. "Yeah. I'm very protective of my family. But, right now, I feel like I can't protect them. Like, I'm powerless. I found this out, and now, I just shut down." I said, a tear rolling down the side of my face.

"Hey," Silver said, wiping the tears away. "Tell me about your childhood." She said. "It was amazing." I said. "Tell me about it." She said. "My mum, would take me to work with her, she would... Buy me these ridiculous clothes. My dad and my uncles would sing to me at night. I had a normal life, considering who my dad was." I said. She smiled. "Tell me about life when you were little, growing up with your siblings." She said. I smiled. "It was crazy. My mum would go crazy when my dad was on tour. I was only about ten, and my mum would practically pull her hair out, because of the fighting. My younger sister and brother were sent to live with my grandma." I said. She smiled.

"My half sister lived with us for a while." I said, thinking about Alex. "Half sister?" She asked. "Yeah, she's about... Nineteen." I said. "So, your mom had her at like..." "Sixteen." I said. She sighed. "It was hard. There was all these magazine articles about my family, and about my mum. How, she cheated on my dad, with her co-worker. And about how she was reunited with her ex boyfriend. It was hard, my parents would fight about it, and I would sit in my sisters room, with her cuddled into me." I said. "Wow." She said.

"The fighting one day, got so out of hand, that my mum made my dad sleep on the couch, and he threw everything around. Punched walls, and took his anger out. I went downstairs, I was about thirteen," I said, before taking a breath. I never told anyone these stories. "I asked him if my mum and him were getting a divorce, and he sat me on his lap, and told me that they are just having an argument. And I asked him if he would still be here in the morning, and he replied... Saying yes." I said.

"Tell me about growing up, with your sisters." I said. "It was good, I guess, I mean, my parents fought, a lot, my younger sisters, would come into my room at night, and hold their ears while they were fighting." She said. "I was practically their mom. I got them up, got them ready, and got them to school. The babysitter would come for the baby, and I would go off to school." She said. "Wow." I said. She nodded.

"I want you to be honest with me." She said. I sat up, and looked at her. "How many girlfriend have you had?" She asked. I sighed. "Do you really wanna know?" I asked. She nodded. I sighed, again. "Four. Chloe, when I was thirteen, Lucy, when I was fifteen, Brianna, when I was sixteen, and Ashlynn, when I was seventeen." I said. She took a deep breath. "How many boyfriends have you had?" I asked. "One. Sean. And now you." She said.

"Twenty questions, go." She said.

What's your full name?"

"Brynn Silver Thomas."

"What's your full name?"

"Ashton Calum Michael Williams-Hemmings. I go by Williams."

"Why do you call yourself Silver?"

"I don't know. Brynn doesn't fit me."

"How important is your sister to you?"

"300% of my life is for her."

"Are you a virgin?"


"Are you a virgin?"


"Unbelievable." She said. "what? That I'm a virgin?" I asked. She nodded. I laughed. "Four girlfriends, and not one ounce of sex?" She asked. "I wasn't really... Into it then. I mean, don't get me wrong, there were times where I would get drunk or something, and start to have sex, but I just stopped myself." I said. "Why?" She asked. "I guess I was just waiting for the right girl." I said, looking at her.

She slammed her lips onto mine, knocking me down, further into the couch. She straddled my waist, and continued to kiss me. "Am I the right girl?" She asked, against my neck. She sucked lightly, but then, applied more pressure. "Yes." I said, pulling her shirt over her head. She put her hands at the hem of my shirt, pulling it up, and she threw it on the floor.

I picked her up, and carried her into my bedroom, never breaking the kill. I laid her gently on the bed, and climbed on top of her. I kissed her neck, sucking on some spots. Her moans filled my room, and I continued to suck on her neck.

She fiddled with my jeans, trying to take them off. Once she finally did, I took hers off. Our clothes were lying on the floor, all over the place. Our heated bodies, closer than ever.

"Are you sure?" I asked her. "Yes." She replied. I took a deep breath, and slowly entered her. She gasped, as I stayed still. "Is that okay?" I asked. She nodded, closing her eyes, as I started moving. She moved her hips up to mine, but I pushed her back down. "Slow baby. Just slow for right now. Two virgins don't need to rush things." I said, moving slowly.

She moaned, as I moved slightly faster. Her heavy breathing, filled my room, along with the slightly loud moans coming from her. "Faster." She said. I didn't hold back. I went faster, and she moaned my name, a few times. "oh my god!" She yelled, as I went faster. I slowed down, only for start up fast again. "Holy! Shit! Ashton!" She yelled.

I laid on top of her, too tired to move. "That was amazing." She said. I nodded. "Do you want me to get out of you now?" I asked. She laughed. "It's up to you. I don't mind." She said. I laughed, and pulled out, and got up. "I'm gonna go wash up, I'm making you dinner." I said. She nodded, and I closed the door to my bathroom.

I just had sex. With an amazing girl. I found the perfect girl. Wow. I saw her out of the corner of my eye, admiring her hickeys. "That's how people know who you belong to." I said. She turned to me, and laughed. "So, any requests for dinner?" I asked. "You." she said. "We just had like, an hour of non stop sex, let's say we eat real dinner." I said. She giggled.


"So, Liz, do you go to school?" Silver asked. Yes, Liz was still here. "Yeah, back at home. Senior year, and we're on spring break." Liz replied. "Speaking of spring break, Ash, yours is coming up." Liz said. I nodded. "Mum and dad are planning on you coming home." She said. "Really? I didn't even talk to them yet." I said. "They want you to come home. Mum wants you to meet Little Michael." She said. "Little Michael?" I asked. "Uncle Mikey and Kylie's baby. And Aunt Aut wants you to finally see Calum and Sky." She said. "How old are they now?" I asked. "Four. Little terrors. Mum makes me watch them, since aunt Aut works, and uncle cal 'goes out' and they literally touch everything." She said. I laughed. "That's how you were. Touching everything. Especially my hair. You seemed to like my little blonde hair." I said. She laughed.

"Thanks Ash, I know I showed up-" "don't liz. You know you're always welcome here." I said. She smiled. I pulled her in for a hug. "I love you ashton." She said. "I love you too Liz." I replied. "It was lovely to meet you, Silver." Liz said. "Oh you too. Ashton tells me stories about you, it was amazing to meet you finally." Silvia said. "I hope to see you soon." Liz said. "Tell mum I'll see her soon." I said. "I will. Love you!" She yelled, running out the door.


"Oh! Ashton!" Silver yelled. "Oh my god!" She yelled. Her moans filled my room, as I went faster, and faster, and faster. "Oh my god! Ashton! Ashton!" She screamed, tugging on my hair. "That's right, scream my name, baby. Let everyone know who you belong to." I said, as I went deeper, and faster. "Ashton! Holy! Ashton!" She screamed. Her legs buckled, as she relaxed. I, on the other hand, kept going. She moaned my name a few times, then started screaming again. "Fuck." I moaned, as I stopped moving, and collapsed on top of her. "Holy. Shit." She said, moving her hair away from her face. My hair was sticking to my forehead, and our bodies stayed together. "You actually gave me a-" "ashton!" She yelled. I laughed. "I think you screamed my name enough for tonight, let's just... Sleep." I said. She nodded.



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