Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


28. Chapter Twenty Eight

Liz's POV

"Jake, here baby." I said, pulling a piece of cake off. We are currently sitting in Starbucks. I have a Frappuccino, and I bought Jake a little piece of lemon cake. He smiled, as we chewed on the cake. "Is that good?" I asked. He nodded. "Are you excited to see Uncle Ashy?" I asked. He nodded, with a big smile on his face. Ashton is coming home next weekend for a 'personal' reason. I really don't know, but he said he needed to see me.

As we were sitting, a boy came up to me. "Hi, sorry to bother you, but you're Liz Williams, right?" He asked. I nodded. "I wanted to say, I think you sing amazing. And your son, is adorable." He said. I smiled. "Thank you so much." I replied. "Would you like to sit?" I asked him. "Oh, no. I don't want to get in the way of your alone time." He said. "Please. Alone time? I don't get alone time. Have a seat. I don't mind." I replied. He smiled, and pulled the chair out next to me, and sat down.

"I hear you don't have an accent, where are you from?" I asked. "I moved here from America. New York actually." He replied. "I love New York." I said. "Really? What do you like about it?" He asked. "I love walking around. There's so many amazing sights to see. And the Statue of Liberty. That's beautiful. I actually took Jake, here, to New York with me one time. He loved it. Smiled every second." I replied. He smiled. "Try living there. All those amazing sights, disappear." He said. I laughed.

"I'm Dylan, by the way." He said. "Well, I'm Elizabeth. People call me Liz. Nice to meet you Dylan." I said. "Same to you." He replied. "Your son is really cute. How old is he?" He said. "He's almost one. He's ten months." I said. "Cute. My little sister is ten months." He said. I smiled.

"So, not to be personal, but how was the feeling of being pregnant, at seventeen?" He asked. "I love this question. I never get it. But, it was hard. I had a lot of people judging me. But,  I had help. Like, my brother and I were never close, until he found out I was pregnant, so he helped me out so much. But, it was hard. Especially being who I am. My parents, actually. I'm known by my parents, so,  a lot of the interviews judged me, a lot of the paparazzi asked me questions. But, in the end, I have an amazing baby boy, who I love dearly." I replied. He nodded.

"Would you mind if I walked you home?" He asked. "Not at all. I would like that actually." I replied, with a smile. "Just don't mind the paparazzi." I said, picking up Jake. He nodded. "Here, do you want me to take him?" He asked. "If you wouldn't mind. He's getting heavy." I replied. He smiled, and took Jake out of my arms. Immediately, jake started crying. "Ssh. Baby." I said, patting his back. He calmed down after he heard my voice.

Once we got outside, paparazzi instantly started yelling, and flashing their cameras. They got all up in Dylan's face, and Dylan, was holding Jake. "Please, don't get close to him." I said. "Sorry. Sorry." The paparazzi said.


"Thanks for walking me home." I said, taking Jake. He fell asleep in Dylan's arms. "He must really like you." I said. He gave me a confused look. "He doesn't usually fall asleep like this. Not even in my arms." I said. He smiled. "Do you want to come in?" I asked. "Oh no, it's alright." He said. "You can, if you want. Maybe have some lunch?" I asked. "Um, sure." He replied. I smiled.

"Hey mum." I said, walking into the kitchen. "Hey honey. Your dad went out with your uncles. Uncle Ash he will take Jake this weekend." She said. I nodded. She smiled at Dylan. "What should I call your mom?" Dylan whispered in my ear. "Skylar. Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Hemmings. She doesn't mind. My friends call her Mumma Wills." I whispered back. He nodded. "This is Dylan." I said to mum. "Hi, great to meet you." Mum replied. "You too, Mrs. Williams." He replied. She smiled.

"So mum, isn't Ash coming home next week?" I asked, as I made lunch. Pizza works perfectly. I'm not the best cook, but it'll do. "He is. He's bringing Silvia too." She replied. "Ashton is my older brother. And Silvia is his girlfriend." I said. He nodded.

"So, Dylan, tell me about yourself." Mum said, as the kitchen door opened. "Hey Sky. Liz. Boy." Uncle Niall said, as he walked in. "Uncle Niall, this is Dylan." I said. "Alright? And?" He asked. "Be nice Ni." Mum said. I nodded.

"So, tell me about yourself." Mum said again. "I have two sisters. One is about eight months. The other is fifteen. I moved her with my mom. We moved from New York. I work at a sports shop. And I play the guitar." He said. I smiled. "And... How are your grades? Are you planning to go to college?" Uncle Niall butted in. "I have all A's. And I am planning to go to college." He replied. "Did you have a previous girlfriend?" Uncle Niall asked. "I did. We broke up." He replied. "And, why did you break up?" Uncle Niall asked. "She cheated on me." He replied. "There has to be a reason for that." Uncle Niall said. "Niall!" Mum yelled. "Just protecting Lizzy here." He said. "She's grown." Mum said.

"Dylan, honey, would you like to stay for dinner?" Mum asked. "Oh, no. It's alright. I don't want to interrupt you and your family." He replied. "Non sense." Mum replied. "I mean, if it's alright." He replied. "Have a seat dear." Mum said. Dylan smiled, and sat next to me.

As we were eating, Jake decided it would be funny to throw food at himself, and me. Mum started laughing and so did Uncle Niall. Uncle Harry was there too, but he didn't do anything. "Seriously." I groaned. Jake laughed and clapped his hands. "Just like his father." Uncle Niall said. I got up, and picked Jake up too.

After I got Jake and myself cleaned up, we went downstairs. "All better!" I said, letting Jake down. "Bwtter!" Jake yelled. I smiled.

There was knock on the door. "I got it." I said, walking to the door. I was shocked at who was at the door. "Alex?" I asked. "H-hey. Can I come in? Please?" She asked. "Y-yeah. Let me go get mum." I said, closing the door behind me.

"Uh, mum, we have a visitor." I said. "Who?" She asked. "You just might want to come see." I replied. She got up, and walked to the door. She stopped in her tracks. "Alex, honey, what's wrong?" She asked. Alex only comes over when there's an emergency. "D-dad. He started... Drinking again." She said. "Come on." Mum said, leading her into the kitchen.

"Guys, you remember Alex." Mum said. Uncle Niall and Uncle Harry nodded. "Have a seat honey, I'll make you a plate." Mum said. "Thank you mum." She said.

I turned to Dylan. "Alex is my half sister. She's nineteen. Her dad won't let her leave Australia. So she comes here if there's an emergency. And her dad, has a past of getting drunk." I said. He nodded. "Big family." He said. "Sadly." I replied.

"Tell us what happened." Mum said. "Well, I-I came home from a date. I found beer bottles on the table. And shot classes on the floor. Dad came down the stairs, clearly drunk. Said some things. I said some things. Like, mum wouldn't treat me this way. And he got all angry. He... Slapped me." She said. "Dylan, can you grab Jake for me?" I asked, knowing this will get bad.

Skylar's POV

I ran into Tate's house, harry and Niall following. "Tate! Get the hell out here!" I yelled. He came out of his room. "What?" He groaned. "How dare you hit my child." I said. He rolled his eyes. "Don't you think it's time to let her go?" I asked. He laughed. "I don't want you to touch her again. Understand." I said. "She's my kid too." He replied. "And I am her mother. I don't like you hitting my child." I said.

"What if it were Liz?" He asked. Niall and Harry stepped in front. "Do not bring Liz into this." I said. "You never know what could happen." He said. "Sky, come on." Niall said. "Go near any of my family. Including Alex, you will pay." I said, slamming the door.

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