Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


33. Chapter Thirty Three

This is all going to be in Silvia and Dylan's POV. Enjoy! There may be some drama. Some secrets. Some cries. Some laughs. And very important information at the end.

Dylan's POV

"I don't know, man. It's... Hard to explain the situation." Jack, one of my best friends said. We are currently sitting in a bar, he's telling me about his new girlfriend. "I think you should just tell her how you feel. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? She doesn't feel the same." I replied.

"How's your girl?" He asked. "She's great." I replied. "Good. That's good. Ain't she some famous girl?" He asked. "Yeah. Her dad was in a band. Kaley was obsessed with him." I replied. "Oh right. That liz chick." He said. I nodded, sipping my beer.

"Don't she have a kid?" He asked. "Yeah. Jake. He's eleven months." I replied. I noticed him looking at some girl on the pole. "Dude, you've got a girl." I said, hitting his arm. "We don't have sex. Just want a little action." He said, waving the girl over.

"I'm gonna go man." I said, getting up, once the stripper sat on his lap. "Suit yourself." He said, smirking. He's crazy. He was just telling me how he loves his girlfriend, and now... He's about to have sex with a stripper.

Silvia's POV

"Babe? You okay?" Ashton asked, opening the door to the bathroom. I nodded. "Yeah, the sushi got to me." I replied, flushing the toilet. "Alright. Why don't you come lay down. I'll take care of you today." He said..


"Hey ash, can I have your mom's number?" I asked. "Why?" He asked, giving me his 'you're crazy' face. "Liz's birthday is coming up. I want to know what to get her." I lied. "Yeah, use my phone." He said, hanging me his phone. "Thank you." I replied. I just lied to my boyfriend.

"Hi Mrs. Williams. It's Silvia." I said. "Oh, hi hun. Is everything okay?" She asked. "Yeah. Well... Sort of." I replied. "What's wrong dear?" She asked. "When you were pregnant... What were the symptoms?" I asked. "Um, well with Ashton, I was sick almost everyday, why?" She replied. "Oh I have this... Friend, who thinks she's pregnant. I told her I would call you, so she could know. But she doesn't want to get her and her boyfriends hopes up. She's just... Scared that if she is... Her boyfriend... Will leave." I replied. "Well tell this... Friend, that she should go to the clinic. Or take a pregnancy test." She replied. "Thank you." I said. "And Silvia, ashton wouldn't leave if you are." She said, then, she hung up.


"Hi, my name is Brynn Cambrillo. I called yesterday, about a test." I said. The nurse smiled. "Go ahead in. Everything is set up. Once your finished, the doctor will look at the test, to see if it's real, and then, you can go." She replied. "Thanks." I said, walking in the back.


"Alright Brynn. Just relax." The doctor said, once I gave her the test. I nodded, and laid down on the bed. "Just give me a few minutes. And we will tell." She said. I nodded.


I went home speechless. I pulled my phone out, and called Ashton's mom. "Mrs. Williams." I said. "How'd it go?" She asked. "I-I'm pregnant." I said. "Honey that's great! You have to tell ashton." She said. "W-what if he leaves me?" I asked. "If he leaves you, I'll kill him. We all will kill him." She said. "Thank you." I said. "Of course dear. Now, go tell him." She said.


"Babe." I said. "Why the hell did I get a call from liz, saying her boyfriend is hanging out with your cousin!" Ashton yelled. I gulped. "I-I don't know." I replied. "You told me your cousin is bad news! What the hell is going on!" He yelled. "I can't do this. I-I can't." I said, pacing the room. Stress isn't good. Stress isn't good.

"What? Babe, babe, hey, calm down." He said, stopping me. "I-I can't. I can't. Y-you're gonna leave." I said, pacing again. "Why would I leave you? I would never." He said. "Y-you will! And I'll have to raise a baby on my own!" I blurted. He stopped, and dropped everything. "B-baby?" He asked. "I'm pregnant Ashton." I said. "Baby, t-that's great." He said. "Y-you're not gonna leave?" I asked. "Of course not. Is that why you wanted to talk to my mom?" He asked. I nodded. "Babe, I couldn't be happier." He said.


Dylan's POV

"I got a call today." Liz said. "Alright?" I asked. "My friend Kelly said she saw you and Jack at a bar. She said a stripper came over." She said. I gulped. "Are you cheating on me?" She asked. "What? No. No. Of course not." I replied. "If you're lying. I want you to tell me." She said. "If I was lying, and I did cheat on you, your brother would kill me." I said.


"Oh, come on man. Just one time." Jack said. I shook my head. "Come on. Look, Jessica is waiting." He said. "Nah. Liz is home with Jake." I replied. "Fine. Fine. Have fun with your bitch and her dumbass son." He said. "Never talk about them that way again. If you want to do something, other than drinking and getting laid by a stripper. Call me." I said, walking out.

~End of Flashback~


So, I was wondering, how would you all feel if I did some more books? Maybe... Just maybe I could do some books on Liz and Ashton's life in the future. Like, how they live in the future. Now, this is totally up to you guys. You tell me what you want me to do. I would probably write them when I finish this one. So, let me know what you all think.

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