Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


22. Back

Liz's POV

"Liz honey. Come on. You have to go back to school." My mum said. "Little longer." I said, rolling over. "Honey, if you roll over anymore your gonna fall off the bed." She said. "Come on." she said. "Mum! Let me fucking sleep!" I yelled. She sighed. "Fifteen minutes. And if your late, I'm not driving you. Ask uncle ash to drive you." She said.

Skylar's POV

"Honey, I know you love that Liz kept jake, but does he have to sleep in our room?" Luke asked. "He has to. Liz doesn't want him in her room." I replied. He sighed.

"Liz, uncle ash is here!" I yelled up the stairs. She came down, holding jake. "I just finished his bottle." She said, handing me jake. "Don't forget about his nap mum. And don't forget about his bottle. And remember, three month olds need to be watched. Unlike Ashton when he was three months old, and he fell down the stairs." She said.

"That won't happen Liz." I said. "If my son falls down the stairs, mum, dad, I'm coming after you." She said. "Hey, that was your dad's fault. Not mine." I said. "Hey!" Luke yelled.

Liz's POV

"So, you kept the baby." Uncle ash said. I nodded. I never really knew that that it could be so awkward talking to your uncle. "You know, he looks like you. I mean, of course he does." I said. "tell me, why did you decide to keep him?" He asked. "Why? Uh. I held him, and at that moment I knew I couldn't let him go." I replied.

"You feel awkward." He said. "Oh! No! Not at all. I mean, how can I feel awkward with my favorite uncle." I said. "And my baby's father." I said. "On second thought, it is awkward." I said. He laughed.

"Have a good day." Uncle ash said. "Bye. Thanks for the ride. Tell lily that I miss her." I said. "I will." He said.

"How awkward that that?" My best friend, Alexa asked. "You have no idea. Like, jakes father, is my uncle. Like, weird." I replied. "I could imagine." She said. We locked arms, and went into the school.

There were whispers here and there. "Hi Liz! We all missed you!" Tori said, running up to me. "Right. Um. Bye." I said pushing her out of the way. Basically, no one at school knows I have a baby. I'm the most popular girl in school, I can't ruin that.

"Ms. Hemmings. Welcome back." Mr. Fresh said. "Thanks Mr. Fresh. It's good to be back." I said, with a smile. Mr. Frank was in his twenties. He was tall, with brown hair, and hazel eyes. He was perfect.

I started texting mum in class to see how jake was.

Me: How is he? Is he good?

Mumma: He is fine. Just finished his second bottle. About to put down for nap.

Me: okay. Make sure he sleeps for the right amount of time. And don't let him crawl around. I think dad dropped some little pieces of....

I got cut off by Mr. Fresh. "Ms. Hemmings. Do you know the answer to this?" Mr. Fresh asked. "Hm? What?" I asked. "Phone." He said. "Sir..." "Now Liz." He said. I slammed my phone in his hand, and he walked away.

"Liz, you're never on your phone." Mr. Fresh said, after class. "I know. I was just checking in on my mum." I replied. "Your muther is a grown woman, Liz." He said. "And?" I asked. "Tell me what's really going on." He said. I sighed.

"My mum is home with my son, jake." I said. "You're seventeen." He said. "And my son is three months old." I said. He nodded. "Stay off the phone in my class Liz." He said. "I mean it!" He yelled. "Yes sir!" I yelled.

Basically the whole day, I went on my phone. My mum has never stayed home with jake before, so it's new to her, and plus she hasn't had a baby in, a few years. The last baby she had was to uncle cal, and they are two years old. So, it's been two years.

"Let's go Hemmings! Run!" My gym teacher yelled. "Mrs. Quinn, I love gym, but seriously, five laps!" I yelled. "Run Hemmings! Don't make it six!" She yelled.

"What happened to perfect Liz?" I heard a girl ask. "Some people say she was out for three months, because she had surgery, to remove her fatness." The girl replied. "Excuse me, but no that is not true." I said, walking over to them. "And I was not fat." I said. "Alright. Whatever you say." They said, leaving.

Last period of the day, science. Yay. "Ms. Hemmings, do you have anything to tell the class? Maybe something that happened while you were gone?" My teacher asked. "Uh. No?" I replied, a little confused.

"Hey, lil, do you know what he means?" I asked. Lilly, uncle ash's daughter. Yeah, we go to the same school, shes in my class. "I think he's referring to jake." She said. "How does he even know?" I asked. She shrugged.

In the middle of class, my phone started ringing. Mum. "Sir, can I go to the bathroom?" I asked. He nodded. Lilly came running out.

"Mum? What's wrong?" I asked. "Have you seen anything suspicious lately with uncle ash?" She asked. "Not that I know of, why?" I asked. "Aunt lol, just came by, said he was really angry when he came home. No one knows why. Has Lilly said anything about him?" She asked. "No. Mum do you think it's because of jake?" I asked. Lilly looked at me. "I don't know. But, come home alright. Aunt lol is flipping out." She said. "Okay. I'll be there soon." I said.

"Sir, I'm sorry, Lilly and I have to leave." I said, as we walked back into the room. "And why is that?" He asked. "Family emergency." I said. "What kind of emergency?" He asked. "That is none of your business." I said. "It is if you are leaving my class." He said. "Can I come in here tomorrow and explain?" I asked. He nodded.


"Hey mum. I'm home." I yelled, running into the kitchen. "What happened with uncle ash?" I asked. "Honey, he wants to be apart of jakes life." Mum said. "B-but he is. He's my uncle." I said. "He wants to be the father. Not just be your uncle." She said. "T-that's fine." I said. She nodded.

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