Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


17. Back Home

Skylar's POV

My phone started to vibrate, I looked at the screen. "Hey babe." I said. "Hey. How's everything at home?" He asked. "Awful. The kids are fighting. Your mom walked in on Ashton and Liz fighting. It's just a mess." I replied. "Well, we will be home soon. We are in... I don't even know where we are." He replied. I laughed. "What the hell is wrong with you!" Liz yelled. I sighed. "What the fuck to you mean!" Ashton yelled. "Let me go. I have to take care of what ever is going on upstairs." I said. "Tell them I said hi." He said. "I will." I replied. "Love you." He said. "I love you too." I replied hanging up.

"What the hell is going on!" I yelled. "He told uncle Niall that I was pregnant!" She yelled. "Liz. Calm down." I said. "I didn't want him to know! Because I knew he would be all disappointed in me!" She yelled. "Alright. It's alright." I replied. "It's not my ducking fault you had sex with your own uncle." Ashton said. "Fuck you! I hate you!" Liz yelled.

"That's it!" I yelled. "You two are driving me nuts! First, your grandparents walk in on you to fighting when they tried to pick up Lucas and Zoe. Then, before your dad left, you two couldn't stop fighting. And now! I'm done! I'm done with this!" I yelled. "Pack your things." I said. "What the hell why!" Ashton yelled. "I don't care what you two say. Or what anyone else says. We're going back to Australia." I said. "Why!" They both yelled. "Because you two, can't act like freakin adults! Obviously California changed both of you." I said. "I don't wanna go back." Liz said. "Well you should've thought about that before you go into this fight." I said, closing the door.

I went on Skype, and clicked ok Luke's name. "Hey." He said. "Hi." I replied. "What-" "we are going back home." I said. "Home?" He asked. "Australia." I replied. The phone went silent. "The kids won't stop fighting, and I just can't. I can't do it. I know I'm older than I was before, but it hard. I just can't handle it anymore. It makes me wanna-" "don't do it. Don't say. Don't even think about it." He said. "I know. But, when we get back to Australia. I don't know what I'm gonna do. All the good and bad memories." I said. "Just only look at the good ones." He said.

"This is your fault!" I heard someone yelling. "Who's that?" I asked. He turned around, revealing a girl in her bra and underwear. "Uh. Who is she?" I asked. "Who are you?" Luke asked the girl. "Ashton invited me here last night after you guys went to the club. Don't you remember. You got a little too drunk. And Ashton bought he here." She said. "I don't remember. But, I'm on the phone with someone, so can you, uh, like leave?" He asked. I laughed.

"What good memories to we have in-" "Mom!" Ashton yelled. "Can't I talk to your father for five minutes!" I yelled. "I'll let you go." He said. I gave him a sympathetic look. "Alright." I said. He didn't even say 'I love you' was he mad?

"What!" I yelled. "Woah mom. Calm down." Ashton said. "Sorry. It's just... Your fathers worrying me." I said. "Is he alright?" Liz asked. I nodded. "Are you both packed?" I asked. They nodded. "Dad said the jet is waiting at the airport. So, let's go." I said.

"Alright. You two are not to fight. You hear me. If I see one wrong look, you're both done." I said. "Mom. Why are you in such a bad mood?" Ashton asked. "Don't ask." I replied. "Sit down. Away from each other." I said. Ashton sat next to me, and Liz sat across from me.

I looked at my two new fresh cuts, which were still bleeding a little. "Mom." Ashton said. "Do not tell your father." I said. "Mom he should know." He replied. "Yes, but he's on tour. I can't distract him." I said. He sighed. "I don't wanna go through the again." He replied. "I know baby. I know." I said, as he put his head on my shoulder.

"Alright. Aunt Bella is picking us up. And taking us to our old house." I said. "I'm so excited." Ashton said. "As my little boy you should be. You were born and raised here. You were raised in this house. Both of you were." I said. They smiled. "On July 12, a perfect little boy was born, named after his uncles Ashton Calum Michael Williams-Hemmings." I said. Ashton smiled. "And on April 10, my perfect little girl was born. Named after her mother, and grandmother. Elizabeth Marie Williams-Hemmings." I said. She smiled.

We arrived at our old house. Exactly how it looked before we left. I smiled, and walked inside. The couches were still there, the tables, everything was still there. "Wow." I said.

I looked at the table and the couch, where Luke and I had our first fight. I remember it like it was yesterday.


You said you don't know how hard it is to have a child at 19. Really!" I yelled. "What? What did I do wrong?" He asked. "You heard what I said! You have no idea how hard it is to have a child at 19! Really!" I yelled. "It is hard." He replied. "It's harder giving birth to a baby at fucking 18 years old! If you didn't want a baby, then you should've have got me fucking pregnant." I said. "Im sorry! It wasn't my fault! You wanted a child! You wanted a family!" He yelled. "Don't cry. I'm sorry sky. I haven't gotten much sleep." He said. "Life is hard Sky. Whether we have a family or not. It does get easier." Luke said.


"Mom. Mom. Earth to mom." Liz said. "Oh, yeah sorry." I said. "So many memories." I said. Ashton nodded. "Why don't you two go to your rooms." I said. They ran up the stairs, fighting each other for who gets up first.

"Hey." I said to Luke over Skype. "I see your back at the house. How does it feel?" He asked. "Sad." I replied. "Why?" He asked. "The first memory I had was when we got into a fight." I said. "Sky, just think of all the good memories. Tell the kids some stories. Good stories." He said. I nodded. I sighed.

"Whats wrong?" He asked. "It just feels lonely. I miss having little kids running around, and hearing first words." I said. "What are you saying?" He asked. "I mean, Lucas and Zoe don't live with us. Ashton, lolly, Violet and Lilly moved out. Michael and Kylie still live here, and so does Cal and Aut, and we have space." I said. "Alright?" He said, sounding confused.

"I know what you mean, but Liz is having her baby soon." He said. "I know. But Luke-" "sky, I hate to say this, but two more little kids in the house, won't work." He said. I took a deep breath. "Alright." I said. He sighed. "Honey, you know how much I love kids, and how much I want another one, and I would say yes, if Liz wasn't having her baby." He said.

"Luke. There's something you don't know." I said. "What is it?" He asked. "Liz is giving the baby up." I said. He didn't say anything. "She doesn't want to be a mom." I said. "So, we will have the room. And only one little one running around." I said. He sighed. "Sky. I don't-" "I know you don't one another kid luke. But I do." I said. "Look, I'm coming home tomorrow, we will talk about it then. Not now over the phone." He said. "Fine. But just know, if you say no, again, I will be upset." I said. "Goodbye." I said. "Love you." He said. I didn't answer.

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