Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness

Skylar and Luke are back, and ready for their family. THIRD BOOK TO EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


50. Baby

Ashton's POV

I held Silver's hand, as we waited for the doctor. My mom ran into the room, with a cloth in her hand. "She's going to need this." Mom said. I nodded, and she wiped Silver's forehead with the cloth. "We will be in here for a while. The baby probably won't come tonight." Mom said. "What. No, no. This needs to be out." Silver said. "Shh. Baby." I cooed.

"Brynn, how are you. I understand you are possibly in labor. And you are new to this hospital." The doctor said. "Dan! She's in fucking labor! She won't talk to you!" Mom yelled. "Oh skylar. What a surprise to see your son, just like you and your husband." The doctor said. "Daniel, now is not the time." I said.


"Contractions are still far apart. We need to get to ten centimeters." 'Dan' said. I sighed, and so did Sil. "Ashton...." Silver breathed. I looked at her. "Your mom...." She cut herself off by screaming in pain. "Needs to stay in here." She said. I nodded.


I sat in one chair, my mom sat in the other. We were both wide awake, waiting for the moment to come. Silver was sound asleep. Her contractions stopped for the time being. I didn't know having a baby, or should I say, the baby process, would be so hard.

Sil shot up instantly, grunting and screaming in pain. "I-I feel it!" She screamed. I ran out to get the doctor. I heard her screams from all the way down the hallway.

I ran back into the room with the doctors and nurses. "Ten centimeters." The doctor said. "Ashton, grab her hand." Mom said. I nodded, and took her hand in mine. "Okay. Honey, open your legs, wide enough." Mom instructed. Silver nodded, and opened her legs. "Now, you're in the right position." She said. Sil nodded.

"On the count of three." The doctor said. "One... Two... Three! Push!" He yelled. Silver pushed, and screamed. "Fuck." She breathed. "Okay, keep going." He said.

She pushed, then screamed. Pushed, then screamed. Pushed, then screamed. One fucking hour of pushing and screaming. And my hand was broken.

The screams of a baby was heard. The nurses quickly took the baby of the doctor, and cleaned it up. The blood was all cleaned off of its face. And my mom wiped Silver's face, but each time she did, new drops of sweat showed up.

"Here is your baby girl." The nurse said, handing Silvia our new baby girl. "She's beautiful." Silver cried. "Hey baby girl." She smiled. I smiled, and wiped a few tears off of my face.

"This is your daddy." She said. I smiled, and took the baby from her. "She's beautiful." I smiled. She nodded, and turned to my mom. "I have another grand-daughter." My mom said. I smiled.

The baby hiccuped, then started crying. "Someone wants her mommy." I said. Silver smiled, and took her. "Mommy's here." She said. I smiled.


Sil laid passed out on the hospital bed. They came in and changed the sheets while she was in the shower. She of course needed help, since it was painful to walk, due to a baby, coming out of her. So, my mom helped her in the bath.

I kept looking at my baby girl in her little bed. She was peaceful, sound asleep. The clip on her belly button was tugging lightly, but it would soon be removed. Her little fragile skinny arms presses against her head, and she laid, fidgeting every so often.

The doctors said Silvia should try breast feeding tomorrow, so the baby can get some real nutrients. I know Silver doesn't want to breast feed. Once she goes home, I know she will probably put milk into a bottle, and feed her that way, instead directly from breast itself.


"Brynn, you should try to breast feed quickly." The doctor said. Sil nodded, and I walked the baby over to her. "Usually the baby will go directly for the breast, so don't be scared." He said. She nodded, and rolled the front part of her dress down.

The baby started to suck on her breast, and Silver smiled down at the baby. "You should do fine with breast feeding. If you come into any complications, just call me, and I'll run some tests." He said. She smiled and nodded.


"Oh my little niece!" Liz exclaimed, picking up our baby. "What's her name?" She asked. "We don't know yet." I replied. "She's so adorable." Liz smiled.

"Uncle Ashy!" Jake yelled. I held my finger up to my lips, to tell him to be quiet. He nodded. "Baby." He smiled. I nodded. "Baby!" He exclaimed. "Jacob! Shh." Liz snapped. "Sorry mummy." He sighed.

I wrapped my arms around Sil's waist. "We have everything we need." I said. She nodded, and leaned back into my chest. "I love you." She whispered. "I love you too." I whispered back. My life can't get any better. But it can get worse.

I started to feel pain in my chest. Shit. Shit. I didn't take my inhaler today or yesterday! Shit! The pain started getting heavier, and heavier. I felt my eyes droop low.

"Uncle Ashy?" Jake asked. My legs gave out, and I collapsed onto the floor. The last thing I remember is hearing my name being screamed, a little kid screaming, a baby screaming, and my mom screaming to get my dad.

I just had my first asthma attack in six years.


I am updating this right now, because I am going to delete the book, Growing Up, which is the book that goes along with this. I am not updating the book, and it's going no where, so, it's not the right time for it. I'm sorry to all the people who have read that book, but it's not the right time for the book to be published.

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