messy mind

16 year old Emily had always been bullied.

Bullied about her eating disorders, how skinny she was getting.
Death is the only way out of her own head

Had they finally pushed her off the edge?


6. 5

we drove home, I gazed out of the window as we pulled up a large driveway. The house was small and dainty, but just the right size for two. Or maybe three now I was living here too.

Neither of us had spoken a word since we got out of the car, but as we walked up the path all I was thinking about was getting settled in, and I was quite nervous. I don't know why, after all, it was only unpacking the few things I had into a new house.

As I walked in I was shocked as to how much bigger it looked on the inside. It has three bedrooms which is perfect for us. Lindsey walked me upstairs and led me into the spare room. I instantly felt safe as soon as I walked in, which was weird because I hadn't felt as safe as this for a long time.

I started to unpack the few clothes I had, put my hairbrush on the desk, and then I need to put my toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom. I walked down the hall to the bathroom silently, and I saw two cabinets above the sink; one with Lindsey and one with Charley's name on. I chose to put my things with Charley's so I opened up her cabinet and I almost fainted at what I saw as I did...

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