messy mind

16 year old Emily had always been bullied.

Bullied about her eating disorders, how skinny she was getting.
Death is the only way out of her own head

Had they finally pushed her off the edge?


4. 3

This bench is more out of the way of people.

Neither I or charley spoke all lunch time, but that was okay. I liked it that way. We heard the bell ring for 6th period and charley stood up to grab my hand. As soon as she grabbed my hand she pulled me to our next lesson, that we were both in; math.

After class charley waited for me outside of the room. That's when people started to say things "ew look she's friends with the new girl!" "She's so stupid if she's friends with Emily."

That's when a group of girls came over and shouted "you stupid goth!" "Kill yourself!" Charley then stood up for me and shouted back, but before I could tell her to stop one of the girls pulled out a pocket knife and repeatedly stabbed her in the stomach. I screamed loudly and fell to the ground. Another girl walking in the corridor ran over and dialled 999.

Minutes later an ambulance came and a stampede of paramedics ran over to charley lying on the floor. I managed to catch her head when she fell, but I just sat helplessly screaming, which I'm starting to regret. They took Charley into the ambulance and I went with her and slid her phone out of her pocket. I got her mums phone number up and called her, explaining what had happened and who I was; she said she would be at the hospital as soon as possible.

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