messy mind

16 year old Emily had always been bullied.

Bullied about her eating disorders, how skinny she was getting.
Death is the only way out of her own head

Had they finally pushed her off the edge?


2. 2

A group of people approached and attacked me with their viscous words. "Kill yourself, nobody likes you anyway." "Why are you still here you skinny rat!" "Stop eating and let your body finish you off!" Goth, emo, idiot, stupid.

All things I've heard before. As the next crowd gathered around me I got up and pushed through them, but one grabbed hold of my wrist. I let out a squeal of pain but I managed to twist out and release their grip, I ran to the toilet, and sat in the cubicle with the door open. I pulled out the razor from my bag and thought about everything that had happened. My mother fled with her new boyfriend two years ago and I haven't heard from her since, I don't know who my dad is or where he is, I've stopped eating and I'm being bullied.

I grabbed the razor and began cutting, it felt good to feel the blood trickling out of my veins and onto the floor underneath me. I was suddenly startled when the door opened and I looked up. There someone stood. Someone I'd never seen before. She looked down at my arm and the floor. "What are you doing that for? Please, stop!" She said. I stared blankly at her. Why was she being nice? Everyone hates me, so why doesn't she?

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm charley. I'm new here. Can I ask why you were doing that?" She questioned. "I'm Emily. I've been bullied almost all the time I've been to this school and I can't take anymore of it, I needed to do something to try and end the mental pain. So I turned it into physical pain." I whispered, but loudly enough so she could hear me clearly.

She didn't say anything, she just picked up the razor, washed it in the sink, and then put it safely back into my backpack. Then she pulled me up and ran my arm under the cold tap,

Charley was caring, obviously. She'd helped me when nobody else would. I thanked her repeatedly while she was cleaning me up, and everytime I said Thankyou she gave me a little smile and nod. She pulled my hand outside and I followed. Charley led us over to a little bench further back from my bench that I'd never noticed before. This bench is more

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