messy mind

16 year old Emily had always been bullied.

Bullied about her eating disorders, how skinny she was getting.
Death is the only way out of her own head

Had they finally pushed her off the edge?


1. 1

I sat there, at my desk, the teacher droning on about the history of certain peoples death. My head spiralling, imagining going into a place I'd never wanted to go until now. Death.

My face is pale, I hadn't eaten for three days and I felt I was going to collapse as soon as I get up. I could hear all of the comments people are whispering, "ew look at her she's so skinny and disgusting!" "she should just kill herself, instead of letting her body do it for her."

I was used to the remarks. I heard the buzzing of the bell and slowly got up and plonked myself on the bench I sat on at lunch.

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