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I'm Alexas And I am 16. I have 2 siblings my older brother is Shawn and I have a little sister.

I was walking downstairs to the kitchen when I heard cam and Hayes say my name so I froze and scooted away from the door, Ease dropping on their conversation. “Dude, just ask her out what could possibly go wrong!?" “I can't I'm to nervious and what if she doesn't like me back,what if she says no?" "Dude Hayes, you have to just go do it now, go to her room and ask her!" "R u sure?" "Yes, go do it!" "Ok".

I ran up stairs back to my room jumped on my bed and grabbed my phone. Just when Hayes knocked on the door. "Come in", I said. I was so nervous. Hayes walked in, he shut the door and sat on my bed. " watcha-doin?" "On vine" "Oh.....well.........I gotcha these"

He grabbed a bouquet of daisies from behind his back. "w-would u like to.....go out with me?" " yes Hayes I'd love to " I gave him a big hug. But then I heard someone giggling from behind the door. "Cam u can come out now " said Hayes. Cam came into the room with his phone held up high. "Were u recording us?" I asked. Cam ended the video and said "I just posted a new vine!!" Cam started laughing including us. Nash walked in the room "guys come on, come down stairs, Carter put a scary movie on Netflix. Cam and Nash left the room so it was just me and Hayes. "Let's go watch!". While waiting for Taylor to make the popcorn we started playing truth or dare. "Cam, truth or dare?" I asked. "Dare!" " I dare u to lick Nash's face."

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