Nightmares. H.S

Nightmares. Nightmares would happen when I didn't take my medicine. I was scarred for the rest off my life. I living without a dad already let alone loosing my mom right before my eyes it was tragic. No one ever knew everything that went on there except him, my mom, and me. That's how I plan to keep it.


3. Wait what?


*Ring, Ring*

I hear my cell phone go off. I wake up and look at my alarm clock. It's 7:37 in the morning, there's only one person that could be calling be this early.

"Hello Simon." I said tiredly and surprised.

"Good morning, love. How are you?" He asks.

"I'm okay, and you?" I ask.

"I'm doing okay. I bet your wondering why I'm calling you after all this time." He says reading my mind.

"You've read my mind." I said a little annoyed.

"Well the boys are in need of an opening act, and I thought no better than my God Daughter." He says. Wait What?

"Opening act, me? God daughter?" I ask confused.

"Yes you. You have a wonderful voice, why not put it to use. Your parents named me your godfather when you were born. Only when something happened to them or when you turned 18 were you supposed to know. They wanted to protect you, they didn't want you in the spot light of the press. They made a right decision." He said. I thought about it a little.

"I agree they did do the right thing. But, Simon. I haven't sang in front of people sing the funeral. I sing in the shower, and when I'm alone never when people are near.  My songs aren't that good. They sound like " Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", they're not good.'' I say pacing around my room. He sighs.

"Agree to have lunch with me. Bring your song book." He says.

"Ugh, sure. When and where?" I give in to his plea.

"Today at 12:00, at Rosa's café." He says happily.

"Very well." I say. We say our goodbyes and I fall back asleep after setting my alarm for 10:30.


          I wake up and go downstairs to grab a glass of orange juice. I chat with Maria about me meeting Simon at 12:00. She agrees with him. I run upstairs and take a quick shower. I blow dry my hair leaving it curly, but putting some spray in it so it is soft, not frizzy and smells good. I brush my teeth. I do a smokey eye with eyeliner and mascara. I put on light blush and nude lipstick. I wear a black and gray thin striped tee shirt with a black leather jacket, black ripped skinny jeans, and black combat boots. I grab my black handbag, IPhone, and wallet and put it in my bag. I grab my black sunglasses and spray some perfume on my before grabbing my keys and leaving.

          I show up at Rosa's Café to see Simon.... and the boys. Why would he bring them. I see tons of paparazzi all around the place. I try and fight through them but security stops me telling me I can't go in.

"My name is Brooklyn Clark. Simon's goddaughter. I'm going in." I say pulling my glasses of my eyes a little and giving a lot of attitude.

"Very well Mrs. Clark. Sorry for the inconvenience." The one security guard says. I pass through and get in to see only Simon and the boys there. I make my way over to the table. Simon and the boys stand.

"You know your security guards are very tough men." I says putting my glasses on my head.

"Hello Brooklyn. Nice to see you again." He says hugging me.

"Like wise, Simon." I say hugging back.

"These are the boys. Harry-" I stop him mid sentence.

"I know." I say smiling.

"Very well. Boys, my goddaughter Brooklyn." He says introducing us. We all hug and says 'Hello' then sit down to order a beverage. Rosa comes over.

"Hello darling." She says to me. I stand and hug her.

"Hello Rosa." I say. We all order a drink.

"So, Brooklyn. As I said the boys need an opening act." He says. I sigh and look away.

"I don't know if I can do it. An besides, why have you not tried to contact me earlier.. after what happened?" I ask

"I haven't been able to find your address. No one knew. Besides you changed your last name to your moms." He says.

"I thought I would be better than running around and being asked if I'm related to you." I say

"Wait what?" Louis says confused.

"Not only am I his goddaughter, I have the lucky fortune of him being my uncle." I say sarcastically.

"How?" Louis asks. I sigh not really wanting to talk about it.

"He is my real fathers brother." I say. The boys look at each other. Simon must have told them.

        My father died in an accident when I was 9. Mother remarried and then we lived happily for about 2 months. Then everything else happened.

"Would you be willing to just come with us to the studio tomorrow?" Liam asks. I think a little while taking a sip of my drink.

"I wouldn't hurt. I suppose." I say giving in. Simon smiles. We all finish, and say our goodbyes.

"Se you boys tomorrow. Where and what time?" I ask.

"Give me your number and I'll text you the information later when we find out." Harry says. What a cheeky chap. I give him my number. I then walk over to Simon.

"See you tomorrow, darling." He says giving me a hug. We stay that way for a little.

"In the 24 hours think of a better excuse of why you didn't contact me." I whisper in his ear. He ignores me. I then leave the café.

        I go home and watch a movie on Netflix while eating popcorn. I then go on twitter and see all the mentions for being seen with Simon and One Direction. I invite Amanda over to make dinner with me and watch some movies. We decide to make Chicken Quesadia's. And we have icecream sundaes for dessert, while watching The Heat.



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