Nightmares. H.S

Nightmares. Nightmares would happen when I didn't take my medicine. I was scarred for the rest off my life. I living without a dad already let alone loosing my mom right before my eyes it was tragic. No one ever knew everything that went on there except him, my mom, and me. That's how I plan to keep it.


1. She's Gone.

* Flashback *

                He taped my mouth closed and tied me to a chair. He then was punching my face. I was fading in and out of consciousness. Blood was dripping down my face from a gash on my head. Everything got blurry, there was black splotches and then it was like I fell into a deep dark hole.

               I slowly opened my eyes, I see a dark figure. I go to rub my eyes, but cant because my hands are tied to a chair. I start panicking. I then hear a voice.

              "Don't remember do you?" A deep voice says. The voice sounds really familiar. My sight becomes clear and I see someone I don't want to see. I close my eyes briefly and pray to god that everything turns out right and no one is hurt. As I go to open my eyes I remember where I am, and who I'm with. I start screaming for my mom. Before we ended up here he beat her then slammed my head off a wall knocking me unconscious. He walks out the door. I start panicking.

              I look around the room trying to spot anyway out of here. Nothing. All brick walls, and a door he went out. My eyes start watering. I try and hold the tears back, he can't see how weak I am, but I can't. How did we even get from the house to wherever we are now?  I was pulled out of my thoughts by the door slamming. I look up to see who came in. Its him with my mother. She is wiggling and there is tears streaming down her oval shaped face. I start screaming. He pulls out a gun.

             "If you don't shut up ill shoot her then ill shoot you." He yells at me. He pushes my mother to lay down. He unbuckles his belt, and then pulls her shorts and underwear down. He pulls his boxers down and gets on top of her. He starts raping her. I start crying. I close my eyes.

             After about 20 minutes I hear him get up and buckle his belt. I open my eyes my mom lays there with no underwear on I don't look. He then pulls her up. She starts crying.

           " Stop crying or i'll beat you!" He yells shaking her like a doll. She keeps crying. He slaps her and she falls on the floor. He gets on top of her and start punching and slapping her. I start screaming. He slams her head off of the floor knocking her unconscious. He stands up and comes over to me. He slaps me really hard. I cry even more he then walks out.

             My mom is now awake. He isn't in here so she sits up and inches towards me. She gets to the side of my chair and slowly stands up. She turns, her back facing me and tries to untie me with her hands. While trying to untie me the door suddenly opens. He comes towards us and pulls out a gun. We are both crying. He points the gun at my mom. I start screaming. The gun fires hitting my mom. She falls to the floor. I scream and cry.

            "I told you to shut up or I'll shoot her." He says walking towards me. He cups my face in his hand. I try to pull back but he grabs my face harder.

            " You were always the one I wanted. I watched you sleep some nights. I watched you take showers and change." I start crying harder. He starts telling me to calm down and that I don't have to cry. He's crazy. He just shot my mom what the hell else am I supposed to do while I'm tied up? Crying Is the only thing I can do. All the sudden the door bursts open.

              "James Gray turn around and put your hands up!" The cops yell. I've never been more happier to see cops. I cop slowly comes over to untie me. The other cops arrest him.

               "I'll be back for you." He says before walking out. Once I'm untied I run over to my moms body. I lay my head on her shoulder crying my eyes out. Why her? Why couldn't it be me? The officers pull me off of her and lead me out the door.

                I then spent my night in a police station until my aunt flew here to get me. We then got my stuff from my house and I moved in with her. I then was put on medicine for the nightmares I got every night. If I didn't take the medicine I would experience the night all over again.

               Every time I didn't take the medicine I would wake up wondering where I was, and what happened. I would have to tell myself, your with your aunt, your safe, your step father killed your mom right in front of you he's now in jail.

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