Nightmares. H.S

Nightmares. Nightmares would happen when I didn't take my medicine. I was scarred for the rest off my life. I living without a dad already let alone loosing my mom right before my eyes it was tragic. No one ever knew everything that went on there except him, my mom, and me. That's how I plan to keep it.


2. Brooklyn to California.

                  I forgot to introduce myself, forgive me. My name is Brooklyn Nicole Clark. I have long curly brown hair, tan skin, Brooklyn accent, blue eyes, and straight pearly whites. I work at a small café near the beach, Rose's Café. I'm very good with fashion and makeup. I play guitar.

                  Moving from Brooklyn to California was a pretty big change for me. I had to buy practically all new clothes as suited to the weather. I started doing zumba and going to the gym. I would take long runs on the beach, and I would help with Rosa at her café, even when I wasn't supposed to be working. I would also do most of the cleaning around the house because my Aunt was a Business women, which explains why we have a pretty large house. I've grown accustomed to being alone and I watch the cooking channels a lot so I don't have to leave off a chief or ramen noodles. I actually friends with the cooks, maids, and the butler. They watch out for me when my isn't home, which is most of the time. I make my own money by working. I've done a few modeling jobs, but nothing big.

                 I wake up around seven. I go downstairs to find Jeffery, our main cook, has already cooked breakfast.

" You didn't have to cook Jeremy you should've slept in!" I say and smile.

" I know but I woke up early and couldn't sleep so I decided to make you some breakfast before you go running." He says putting some food on a plate for me. I smile and thank him. I pour a glass of orange juice and sit down to eat.

"This was very lovely Jeremy, Thank you" I say. He nods and starts on the dishes. I head upstairs to change into some running shorts, a tank top and running shoes. I brush my hair and put it in a pony tail, grab my IPhone and headphones then head out back for a run on the beach.

                I love running. I can just clear my mind and not have to worry about anything for a while. I decide to walk after a while. I take my shoes off and walk in the water. The sun looks amazing when it comes up early in the morning. I start running back to the house after a while. When I get there I call Helda our maid to get me a towel please. She just laughs. I dry my feet of and then take my shoes upstairs.

                I put them in my closet then head to my bathroom. I heat up the shower, and set two towels out. I strip and then get in. I love taking a hot shower after a run. It is so relaxing.. I wash my hair then body. I do some touch up shaving and get out. As I dry my hair and wrap it in a towel I hear someone knock on my bedroom door.

"Yes, Who is it?" I ask drying my body then wrapping it in a bath robe.

"It's Maria" She says in her thick Italian accent. I open the door since I'm cover up.

"Come in" I say smiling. I grab my tooth brush and start brushing my teeth.

"You have a call from someone. They said to have you give them a call back at this number as soon as possible." She says giving me a piece of paper then walking out. I finish brushing my teeth then call that number. It rings a few times then someone answer.

"Hello my name is Brooklyn Clark. You have called me?" I say.

"Oh yes Mrs. Clark, Mr. Cowell would like to meet with you, during his trip to the U.S this week." The women says.

"S-Sure." I stuttered.

"Alrighty then. He will call you when he no a date and time, Thank you have a nice day." She says cheery.

"You too." I say in a fake cheery voice. Why would he contact me after all this time? Millions of questions run through my head.

             I change into a white shirt, Peach, Gray, and white loop scarf, Peach colored shorts, and white thonged sandals. I blow dry my hair and put some anti-frizz serum in it. I let it all curly. I apply light brown eyeshadow, Black eyeliner, Mascara, and blush. I then text my friend Amanda  asking if she would like to go get lunch with me, then maybe go to the mall. I grab orange tinted aviator sunglasses, my ivory M&K purse, and my phone then head downstairs. I tell Maria about the call and she said she hopes all is well. I check my phone to see if Amanda has answered that she would like to do that. I grab my keys and head out.

            I pick Amanda up and we head to Taco bell. I get a Quesadia, a Dorito's Locos Taco, and a Mountain Dew Freezy.  Amanda go two Quesadia's, and a Lemonade Freezy. I decided to tell her about the call from Simon.

"Why do you think he called me after all this time?" I asked her while eating. She shrugged.

"I have no idea. Maybe he wants to sign you a record deal?" She says.

"I don't sing in front of anyone anymore. I only sing in the shower, at work, or around the house. I haven't sang in front of someone since my mom's funeral." I say sadly. I then continue eating.

"Your mom would want you to continue with your dream of being signed with Simon. She would be upset to see your throw it all away." She says. I think about it for a little.

"I don't know." I say

"I'm just saying. You have an amazing voice. Don't let it go to waste." She says.

"I know. It'll just be weird singing in front of someone again." I say.

"Well at least it won't be a stranger. Simon knew you and your whole family since you were little. But don't think about this for now. Let's finish then do some shopping." She says. I agree and eat my food.

        We head to the mall. I buy some Soaps, Perfumes, Lotion, Hand Sanitizers, and Car Fresheners.  I got some stuff from Bath & Body Works, and some jeans and shorts from Hollister and American Eagle. I drop her off and head home for dinner.


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