When I Met Ben

Ever since Blue killed her in Kanto, Bloody Leaf's restless spirit has been roaming the lands of both the dead and the living in the world of video games. She is alone, with no one to guide her to peace.

That is, until she finds herself in Termina ...


1. When I Met Ben

She was tired.  She was sick of running.  Especially since she was killed by Blue in Lavender Town.
     As much as she wanted revenge, she knew she couldn’t do it.  She still regarded Blue as a friend, despite what he had done to her.
     Shortly after her murder, the people of Lavender Town began calling her Bloody Leaf.  She was sure it was because the nature of her death, but mostly because there had been rumors flying around Kanto.  Rumor has it that a blood-spattered girl would appear inside electronics.
     She hardly fit the bill.  She only appeared once – in Red’s TV – to warn him of what Blue was capable of.
     Her Pokémon were obviously haunting the grounds of Pokémon Tower, both of them forever lost because Blue decided she was a threat to his success.
     She looked down at herself.  Blue had been brutal when he decided to kill her.  They had it right when they called her Bloody Leaf.  Blue had tarnished what she thought was supposed to remain pure.  Blood stained her arms, her clothing, and almost none-existent legs.
     She wandered the whole world to find peace.  She wandered the spirit realm to find what she needed.
     She couldn’t find it in either realms.  So, she found herself in ruins of her old home, where she lived a happy life until she became a trainer.
     It was then Blue started acting weird.  He had his Eevee for a few weeks at that point.  By the time she reached Celadon City, she found the poor thing starved, dehydrated, and almost dead from heavy abuse.  She took it to the nearest Pokémon center to get it healed.  After it was fully healed, she named it Loneliness.
     It was a big mistake.  Soon after, things got weird.  The Bannette she found not too long after Loneliness lost her arms.  In light of this, she called the Bannette Unwanted.  They were her babies.  She treasured them.
     She was walking back to Pallet Town, to show her mother the poor things, when she stopped for the night in Lavender Town.  She was curled up in a sleeping bag, the two Pokémon snuggled close to her, when she felt it.
     Cold metal to her neck, like someone was trying to threaten her.  Slightly dazed, she sat up.
     And was looking at the guy she once called her best friend.  “Kill it,” Blue whispered.  “Kill the Eevee.  It’s cursed.”
     “Wha?  Why?” she mumbled tiredly.  “He’s just an Eevee.”
     “It’s cursed.  Kill it,” he hissed, digging something a little deeper than the skin into her neck.  Leaf gasped.  “Kill it, or I’ll kill you.”
     She stole a glance at Loneliness.  He was too adorable.  She heaved a sigh.  “If you’re going to kill him, go through me first.”  She stroked Loneliness’s fur.  It was soft despite the mats in his fur.  She was taking him home so his coat would be nice and shiny after a good bath.
     Unwanted was going to have prosthetics attached to where her arms used to be.  Leaf was going to train Unwanted to use them.
     Blue didn’t give her a chance to say goodbye to her two beautiful Pokémon, nor a chance to take any last words back to her mother.  He shoved whatever was in his hand straight through her throat.
     Leaf laid there for what felt like an eternity.  By the time she finally lost consciousness, she felt like she was floating.
     When she opened her eyes, she heard a teenaged boy’s voice, saying, “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”
     She whirled around to look.  She wanted to know who spoke to her, and why in such a cryptic manner.
     The only glimpse she caught was the fading figure of an elf boy in green.

* * *

She sat there, waiting.  Waiting for a sign.  She wanted to know who the elf boy was, and how he managed to find her in Lavender Town.
     “You shouldn’t be doing that,” the boy’s voice said.  She whirled around to have a look.
     Elf boy, all right.  Everything about him screamed fairy tale, from his brown boots to his cap.  The exception was his eyes.  They were pitch black, red at the center, and were leaking blood.
     “Who are you?” she asked.  “What do you want from me?”
     The boy smiled.  A chill went down her spine.  “You’ll find out soon enough, love,” he answered.  “I merely came to inform you.”
     Leaf raised a quizzical eyebrow.  No one ever called her love before.  “Inform me?”
     The boy’s grin became less menacing.  “You were in my realm, sweetie.  Haunting electronics.”
     “You died, too?  I’d like to know how,” she retorted.
     He scared her: the red dots in the center of his eyes disappeared and he grinned inhumanly wide.  Blood gushed out of his mouth and eyes.
     “Never mind!” she yelped, trembling in her shoes.  Boy, for a ghost girl, she sure was a wimp.
     He reverted back to his normal – if one calls it normal – self.  “You’ve got sass, I’ll give you that,” he replied.  He touched her arm, and she felt solid again.  She could see her white sneakers.  “Next time I catch you in the electronics, you will be coming with me.”
     “To where?  I have nothing left.  I can’t find peace.”  She jerked her arm away from him, reverting back to her transparency.  “If you have something to offer, either good or bad, tell me.  My other best friend is likely dead because of Blue’s delusions, and I’ve lost both my Pokémon.”
     Creepy Elf Boy winked at her.  “You know I have the answers, doll.”
     She was taken aback.  “Whatever you have to offer, I’m not interested,” she snapped.
     “It’s a shame,” he sighed, pulling out an ocarina, “that you wouldn’t accept such an offer to find the peace you so desperately seek.”
     “What do you me-?”
     The boy began playing a haunting melody, even sadder than the music box she received from her mother’s best friend.  It tinkled the Lavender Town song, and a tiny porcelain Cubone would twirl to its tune.
     This was ten times different.  It spoke volumes of unhealed aches of the heart.  It sang of ideas and thoughts left unspoken.
     It was almost relaxing in a way.
     The music stopped and Leaf found the elf boy watching her.  “What?” she snarled.
     “You relaxed when I played the Song of Unhealing,” Elf Boy answered.  “No one that I encountered has ever done that.”
     “I’m dead,” she pointed out.  “Anything else, Elf Boy?”
     “Please, call me Ben,” he replied sweetly.
     She snorted and turned her back.  She wouldn’t let him see her blush.
     After a moment of silence between the two, Ben bowed.  “I hope to see you again,” he said.
     When Leaf turned around, Ben was gone.

* * *

Even though she knew she didn’t need to sleep anymore, she slept anyway.
     All she could dream about was about Ben.  It wasn’t like her to dream about boys, especially those that were incredibly creepy.
     Despite his arrogant manner, he seemed just as lonely as she was.  He seemed just as out of hope as she was.
     There was also something alluring about him.  Whether it be the way his blond hair fell in his face, the way he spoke, or the way his ears seemed to perk when she said something mean, she found herself drawing closer to him.
     Her eyes shot open.  Wherever he was from originally could connect with the Kanto region.  If that was the case, why didn’t he reveal himself earlier?
     Like a scene from a movie, the TV flickered on.
     Like any protagonist from any movie, Leaf touched the screen.
     And she was pulled inside.

* * *

She wasn’t too sure what happened when she was pulled inside the TV, but all she knew was she was in somebody’s bed.
     The blankets around her were a forest green with little yellow triangles tessellated onto them.  As much as she found the design cool, she couldn’t help but miss her Pokéball-patterned bedding back at her home.
     She touched her face when she found something weird.
     Her hand wouldn’t pass through her face.
     Never in her afterlife has she been able to touch her face.
     “You’re not freaking out,” she heard Ben say.  “Any other girl I brought here was freaking out.”
     She sent a silent glare in his direction.
     “Not that it’s a bad thing!” he exclaimed, putting his hands up, a sheepish grin on his face.
     “You realize you dragged a dead Pokémon trainer here?” she snarled.
     “Yep.”  Ben’s sheepish grin was replaced with stone cold seriousness.  “They’ve called you Bloody Leaf ever since you started roaming the world.  They’ve made bad assumptions about you being a vengeful spirit that haunts electronics.”
     “And what about you?”
     “They call me Ben Drowned.  Many of my fangirls would kill to be where you are right now.”  He offered her a smile.  “I’m what they call a creepypasta.  I haunt a cartridge of Majora’s Mask for the N64.  I drove one person insane when they played my cartridge.”
     Leaf gave him a look of pure confusion.
     “You’re in my home domain.  Termina.”  He gestured to the window behind him.  “It’s probably a culture shock for you, coming here.”
     “Termina, huh?”  Leaf looked out the window.  “It doesn’t seem that bad.”
     “You’re right.  It’s not that bad.  Even Link is a cool guy to hang with.”
     “You’re friends with Link?  I grew up listening to the fairy tales my mom would read to me.  Link was the hero in one of them.”
     “Link’s always the hero.  The Link here, though, is just a child.”
     She looked back at him.  “And you’re an adult?”
     She looked mildly impressed.  “And, if I’m hearing right, you take the form of a creepy statue of Link in order to scare people?”
     “Just a part of driving people insane.”
     “Huh.”  The gears were whirring inside her head.  Leaf thought back to when she and Blue were still friends, and how his favorite game just so happened to be Majora’s Mask.
     She would take her vengeance on him.  Ben had opened a door to that for her.
     If only he would help her.
     “You okay?” he asked, tilting his head to the side.
     She looked at him.  “Do you think you could help me?  I’ve been thinking about it ever since Blue killed me:  I want my revenge.  I want to give the people in Lavender Town a run for their money.”
     His red pupils grew brighter as she finished speaking.  “You want vengeance?  And you want me to help you?”  He grinned psychotically.  “I’d be glad to.  I’d do anything to impress a pretty ghost girl like you.”
     She blushed, her pale cheeks gaining color, but she smiled at him.  “Thanks a lot, Ben.  I appreciate what you do for me.”
     Since her death, Leaf didn’t think she would resort to taking her vengeance.  She didn’t think she would even have the chance to find her peace.
     But she found both in the maniacal smile of Ben Drowned.

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