Boyband BFF

Ella Porter has been friends with the guys from 5sos for years, but is a bit surprised when she gets a call from Ashton asking if she will come on tour with them. Is there something Ella is missing or is romance blooming on the tour bus?


1. The Call

Ella's POV:

I hopped out of bed, with more energy than I had to try and get my phone. BZZZ BZZZ I walked to my desk and grabbed my iPhone CALLER UNKNOWN- weird. I thought but answered out of curiosity. " Hello" I said into the phone "Hey, beautiful! How are you? I heard a male voice mutter "Ashton????" What are you doing? I thought you were on tour." We are he said and we are going to pick you up, we got you a flight already, see you tomorrow! And he hung up.

Thats not possible I thought I was balancing my crazy thoughts when I got a text. MICHAEL- See You tomorrow, Love Ya!!!!!

Wow that many exclamation points, HOLD ON, did he say Love Ya?

*Thanks for reading guys super excited to see what happens next!*

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