The War God's Daughter

"Have you seen the new girl?". "I hear she's an army brat.". "I hear she's one of the Avengers kids.". I smirk at the girls and guys gossiping about me. If they only had a clue.


1. New School

I stare out the windshield of my 2010 Ford Mustang, taking in the building that they call a school. I'm hoping this year won't turn out like the others at my other schools. For once in my life I just want to be normal, but that 's a fat chance, because of my famous mother and 'father'. My mother is a lieutenant colonel in the army and my 'father' is a colonel. I pop my neck, my knuckles, elbows and then I rotate my shoulders, popping them as well. I grab my alice pack from the passenger side floor board, then I open the driver side door, hoping no one makes fun of me, or anything else happens.

After I lock my car, I begin walking to the office so I can pick up my schedule and pay any fees that need to be paid. I step into the nice and warm office, nervousness racking me to my core.

The eagle born by freedom won, yet held in precarious station, set upon defense and steeled his will to guard and protect his new nation. So he resolved, defiant of all who would challenge his right to be free with a 'swift sailing vessel and ten carriage guns' to hunt the worlds oceans and seas. Born to go into harm's way- come all! Ye Hell or high waters be damned! No lightning, no thunder, no hurricane gale, can stand in the face of his wraith. Be he beneath his enemy's feet, or by cloud where they're gaze can not go, when Leviathan rise, every last man shall shake to the core of his soul, I thought as I walk up to the counter.

An older lady sat at the computer behind the counter, some of her grey hair falling out of her bun. I clear my throat, not wanting to startle her to much. She looks up, a bright and welcoming smile on her kind face. As she gets up, I can see a medal of Valor sitting on the shelf behind her desk.

"How may I help you, Dearie," she asks, her voice sweet and gentle.

"I need to pick up my schedule, ma'am and pay any fees that need to be paid," I say, sheepishly, still eyeing the Medal of Valor.

She nods, quickly rustling through some papers behind her. As she returns with my schedule, I get the eerie sense that I'm being watched. 

"Here you go, Dearie," the secretary says, snapping me out of my paranoia.

"Thank you miss..".

"Ms. Harlow, Dearie, if you need anything, just let me know," She says with a smile.

"Ms. Harlow, If  I may ask," I begin to say, bit she cuts me off.

"That medal was my son's, I saw that look in your, eyes. You have a history with the military, am I right, Dearie?".

I nod, telling her that my mother and father are both in the army. She nods again, then tells me goodbye. I walk out of the office and out into the hall to find locker 1050, along with my first class, U.S History and Government. After I find my locker I begin walking down the hall to my classroom, the same feeling of paranoia hitting me again.

Once I'm in classroom 306 A, I take a seat in the very back, pulling out my mother's old tactical file binder that she let me have. After the classroom has filled with all of the students in my class the teacher walks in, wearing jeans and a button up shirt as well as tactical boots. I begin sinking lower into my desk, trying to avoid the teacher's gaze, because of one reason; my teacher is my twenty eight year old brother who on the base, goes by Avox. I keep sinking lower until Avox clears his throat.

"Welcome Seniors," he says.

"Thank you, Mr. Nightwolf," everyone in the class says, except for me.

Avox as my history teacher, SERIOUSLY, I scream inside my head. Avox looks at me, a smirk forming on his face. Thankfully he says nothing and just has a cheerleader pass out the 'get to know you' sheets. I straighten up enough, just to work on the papers Avox assigns us. Ninety minutes later the bell rings and everyone heads to the door, but Avox holds his hand up.

"Class, when you get a chance on your own time, please introduce yourself to my younger sister, Reagan," he says,"Now you may go.".

As I walk to my English class, that paranoid feeling hits me a third time, so I just shake my head, brushing it off as new school jitters. Once again I take the seat farthest in the back. I slide my jacket off, revealing the two tattoos on my left arm. The one on my inner upper left arm is 'Mors Ex Tenebris' meaning 'death from darkness' and the one on my left forearm is 'Mors De Contactus' meaning 'death from contact'.

Some of the girls begin snickering and gossiping about my tattoos, but those are the only ones they can see. I have 'Ducit Amore Patriae (Patriotism Leads Me) tattooed across the left side of my chest, right on the collar bone area and 'Fortuna Favet Fortibus (Fortune Favors the Bold)' on my lower left leg. Once the teacher comes in she introduces herself.

"Hello, everyone, I am Ms. River. Normal teacher do those little sheets, well today your assignment is to sing part or all of your favorite song.".

After every other student sings, some good and some not so good it's my turn. All eyes are on me, making me a little nervous.

"My daddy was a soldier in a foreign war, but he doesn't like to tak about it anymore. He kept a picture of my mama right by his heart, he'd give it one last look before the fighting would start. He said all I ask is that you don't forget, cause the war's not over when the fighting ends. There's a part of me that will always be, just a boy in a hole with an M-16. Airborne Ranger Infantry. I left my best friend lying in a pool of blood, as I crawled away through the brush and mud. If I could choose to go back again, I'd die lying there next to him. I still see his face when I close my eyes and I won't forget his sacrifice. There's a part of me that will always be, just a boy in a hole with an M-16. Airborne Ranger Infantry. I didn't so it for money, I didn't do it for fame, I didn't do it so the world would remember my name. I did it for my family and my country, and my brothers who died right next to me. And all we ask is that you don't forget cause the war's not over when the fighting ends. There's a part of us that will be, just boys in our holes with our M-16s. Honoring souls and memories. Airborne Ranger Infantry," I barely sing, remembering my uncle that we has just recently buried.

Surprisingly, everyone even Ms. River, claps and cheers. I nod, then I sit down, wanting this class to be over. Just as class gets ready to end, the principal comes in.

"Students, today even though we've only started school, we're, meaning all the faculty and I as well as the school board have decided to let the whole school go home instead of attending your final two classes, but you have the option to stay if you wish, either way you will still get your assigned lunch time," she says, kindness in her voice.

Ms. River has outs it to a vote and the majority of us vote to go home. As I get my stuff out of my locker, I over hear some of my class mates talking about me.

"Have you seen the new girl," one cheerleader asks one of the other.

"I hear she's an army brat," a cute guy says to his friend he's talking to.

"I hear she's one of the Avenger's kids," says a third cheerleader.

If they only had a clue to my life they'd understand me. I smile to myself as I head out the front doors, to my car. After a ten minute drive, I'm sitting on my bed, working on some homework that Ms. River and Avox gave me. So far this has been an interesting day, but I have a feeling what tomorrow is going to bring.

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