The War God's Daughter

"Have you seen the new girl?". "I hear she's an army brat.". "I hear she's one of the Avengers kids.". I smirk at the girls and guys gossiping about me. If they only had a clue.


3. New Friends And Hanging out

~Next Day~


I put away my sketches and pencils when I heard a knock at my door.

"Hey Luna,"I Say with a smile 

"Are you ready" asked Luna.

"Yeah let me get my back pack!" I shouted from my kitchen getting a banana and a apple for Luna and I.

When we got to science there was a STRANGE scent in the class I looked around and saw a UNICORN'S head.

I ran out of the classroom into the bathroom.

I said to myself that I would be okay. 

I don't like animal cruelty Yes I am an Army Brat but I do still care





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