The War God's Daughter

"Have you seen the new girl?". "I hear she's an army brat.". "I hear she's one of the Avengers kids.". I smirk at the girls and guys gossiping about me. If they only had a clue.


2. First Day and Trouble Comes, so do new friends

~6:30 A.M. The Next Day~

"Alabama on the boom box baby, bout to get a little boondock crazy," the hook for 'Anything Goes'  by Florida Georgia Line, plays as the alert tone for my alarm clock on my iPhone. I blindly slide the 'slide to unlock', at the bottom of my lock screen silencing the alarm, then I through back the cover, exhaustion still sticking to me. I take a quick shower, quickly brushing my teeth and throwing my hair up into a messy bun.

"Mom, I'm leaving," I holler, pushing the front door open with my left shoulder.

~Skipping History and English~

I have a double block for Stage Craft and Set design, which is pretty cool, because though I'm an army brat, I love the arts. Our project for the next few weeks is to paint the set for the play 'Footloose', which I will say again is pretty cool, even though it's the older version and not the 2011 version. I began sketching out the scenery that would fit the play of one of the scenes. I made it look realistic so here it is:

Halfway through the class, I feel paranoid again, so once more I brush it off as just a new school thing and continue sketching. I hear someone call out my name, but I ignore them. I keep hearing my name being called, so I begin looking around. I smile when I see my best friend that is like a sister to me.

"Hey, Luna," I say to her as she sits down next to me.

"Hey, Reagan," she says with a smile. 

"You've recently hi-lighted your hair didn't you," I ask, noticing blue strands of hair falling out of her ponytail.

"As a matter o-," she's cut off by screams.

I look up from my sketch pad for the first time, noticing the rest of the class moving away from the set. I crane my neck, trying to figure out what the heck is going on, that's when I hear wood groaning and one of the walls getting ready to fall. I also notice a girl in jeans and a 'Mocking Jay' shirt standing there like a deer in the headlights. I jump up, knocking Luna's open Pepsi all over my sketches.

"MOVE," I shout trying to get the girl's attention.

She doesn't move. I begin sprinting, trying to cover the distance of the Broadway like stage. The girl let's out a blood curdling scream once she sees the wall.

I stop in front of her, placing my hands above my head, like I'd usually do if I was playing volleyball with Avox and his buddies. As the wall hits my hands, it jolts me, but doesn't hurt me. I stagger under the weight of the wall, but I hold my ground allowing the girl to escape and a boy and two girls to run over and help me. The boy looks about thirteen with short messy black hair and light blue eyes, and he's wearing a black tank top with a red over coat vest, jeans ripped at the knees and a pair of red Converse shoes. 

One of the girls has long raven black hair in a side braid like Katniss from the Hunger Games, emerald green eyes. She has on a flannel shirt, a leather jacket, black skinny jeans and brown Herman Survivor combat boots. She looks to be about sixteen as well. The other girl, who has her long brown hair with some light blonde hi-lights in a messy bun and has honey brown eyes , looks to be about seventeen and she's wearing an light peach colored hoddies with grey sweat pants and a pair of boots.

As the four of us begin pushing the wall back into it's place, I feel a burning sensation on my right forearm, but a little closer to my right elbow. Once the whole class knows the wall won't fall again, I grab my stuff and take off towards the football field, Luna and the ones that helped me right on my tail.

I stop at the fence, quickly taking a breath, then I toss my alice pack over it, readying myself to climb it.

"Reagan, wait," Luna pants, her and the others stopping about ten feet from me.

"I trust you, Luna, I don't trust them, even though they helped me.".

The boy steps forward, the light breeze blowing his hair around a bit. He smiles, almost calming me. That's when I remember the pocket knife in my right boot. The boy holds up his left hand, as if sensing my paranoia.

"I'm Jonathan, the other two are Skyler and Noah," the boy says, gesturing to the two girls and himself.

I nod, saying, "I'm Reagan, now please tell what the heck this mark means," showing him my right forearm.

Skyler and Noah gasp in shock, Jonathan and Luna back away.

"Welcome, Daughter of Ares," Luna whispers, showing me a tattoo with an eagle, SPQR and five lines.

Noah, Jonathan and Skyler show me similar marks. I nod, knowing I can trust them now. Suddenly I hear a cross between a man and a bull, something that should only exist in myths; a Minotaur.

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