Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


24. what?


"No,no! I can't believe you'd even have a thought." I said. "Ally, why would you just leave your mom and dad and even Henry. I have not choice." She said. "You wouldn't dare. I would never talk to you again. Ever." I said. "Maybe she'll yes. It's better than leaving with no explain action." She said. "You're. Right." I said. "I'm trying to do this to get you pissed." She said pinking up her phone and dialed my mom'a number

"Hello, hi Mrs.Robinson."

"Hey, Kylie! What's up? What do you need."

"I was wondering, Can You, Ally and I all have a talk."

"Oh, um ok. I'm actually on my way home, I'm gonna pick up dinner and then I'll be there."

"Ok, bye Mrs.Robinson."

"Bye, see you later."

The phone called ended

"See. No harm done Ally. And, what if she says yes? You never know." Kylie said. "True. Thank you Kylie." I said. "No problem." She said. "Wait, your mom let you go?" I asked. "Um yeah. I just told her I was going to

Go do there hair for it. Then I told her how much I'd be paid. She agreed." She said. "Wow, Kylie that's only half of the story." I said.

Soon, my mom came home. He had a mcdonalds bag. Yay. She came in and put the bag on the kitchen table. "Hey girls! Wait one second, HENRY! DINNER." My mom screamed. Henry ran down the stairs. "Yay! Mommy is home! Mommy I wuv you." Henry said as he grabbed food from the bag. "Awww! My little angel! So cute."my mom said playing with Henry's red hair. "More like a dark angel." Kylie said. My mom turned

"What." She said. "I said he's an angel on earth." Kylie said. "Oh ok.girls take a seat, what is it." She said. We sat down. "What is it!" My mom said. "Nothing important." I said. "So, Kylie what's wrong with my daughter, spill the details." My mom said putting her red Hair In a ponytail."your daughter wants to go on tour with the boys." Kylie said. My mom's jaw dropped. "Allison is this true." She said. "Yes, I do want to go. I can't let Ashton and I breakup." I said. "How long did you know about this. Like, you going" she said. "6 days." I sighed. " I wish you would told me sooner. Just tell me, who else is going besides the boys." My mom said. " Mrs.hemmings and Kylie." I said.

"Okay, good." She said. "Can I please go?" I said. "I, I guess. But, you have to enroll in online school. And listen to Mrs.hemmings." She said. My eyes lot up. I can go! "Really?" I said out of surprise.

"Allison, your practically a woman now, getting older. I think this one of those things you can't pass up. Traveling the world with your best friends and Ashton. Allison, you are going." She said. "Oh, oh my god. I thought you were going to say no! Yaya!" I clapped. "Don't worry I'll keep her in check." Kylie said. I was so happy 4 more days before the best time of my life came.

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