Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


2. The crew

Soon the bell rings and it's lunch time. I loved lunch cause I got to see the whole gang. Our table included 6 people. Me, Ash,Cal,Luke,MiKey and another one of my best friends Kylie. I've known Kylie ever since I was 5. She was 6. A year older than me, so know I'm 16 and she's 17. Wow eleven years. Seems like yesterday we were playing with Barbie dolls.

Now sitting down,

I place my stuff on the floor and get my lunch box. I look up to see Luke kissing Kylie on the check. They are just the cutest thing, I even created a ship name, I call it le-le . Hey it's the best I could think of okay.

Ashton sits down and says hi. He's so handsome. He has a great smile. "Hi Ashton, how are you?" I say " I'm good, you?" I tap my fingers and then look at him " I'm fine". I can tell ash isn't good. He's stressed. I bet it's about his grades. He's always freaking out about that stuff. I don't even know why he's a perfect straight A student.

Calum approaches the table "hey guys, stop at my place we should all hang out." We all agree on it.


Kylie drove me along with Luke and MiKey and ash just road his bike. Ash was already inside. We walked to the door and knocked. "Welcome guys nice to see you" it was Mrs.Hood, she was so kind. The fi

of us walked down to the basement. We saw ash and cal playing FIFA

Of course. "Hey guys " Calum says "i ordered pizza and got a movie, dumb and dumber." Me and Kylie moan "we have seen this movie at least a hundred times with you guys let's watch something's else." Kylie shoats " Kylie's right I'm sick of that movie, I mean sure it's funny but it's old." Ashton says " well what are we gonna watch" MiKey says " Luckily I brought something .... Ready, okay I brought , drumroll please .... MEAN GIRLS" she squeals "hell no" they all say in unison "I've actually always wanted to see it though" Luke says

We put in the disc. It starts. I'm actually really happy that she brought it.i love that movie .


A/N: Hey guys! Hopes you liked that chapter. New chapter should be up by Tomorrow afternoon . Byeee

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