Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


23. that's risky, Ally


"Henry, you're right!" I said. "When aren't I?" He said. "Henry, I got to go talk with Luke and Kylie." I said. "Again, I don't even care. Get away before I literally throw my tv at you." He said. "You're a snot." Kylie said. "Ya no shot Sherlock. Nice observation." Henry said. We walked out of his room. I looked back at Luke. Luke has this look on his Dave like he was gonna slap Henry. I wouldn't blame him.

We walked into my room. "Ally, they are never going to let you go." Luke said. "I know! But I need to!" I said "sucks for you!" I heard Henry scream. I wanted to cry. "It's okay Ally. I'm not going if you're not." Kylie said. Luke looked at her funny like , the are you kidding me look. I still wanted to cry. But then a thought came to mind. "What if, I didn't tell my parents?" I said. " lol, innocent, good girl Allison going on a tour with out telling her parents. It wouldn't work. I'm sorry." Luke said. "Allison, it wouldn't. That's not even

Smart." Kylie said. "But, I need to. It's my only option. What else am I suppose to do." I said. "Allison, you're one of my best friends and all, but that's really stupid." Luke said."Think about it all I need to do is pack. I have money and everything. I can do this! I'm going to start packing today." I said. "Sounds super risky." Kylie said. "I'm doing whether you like it or not." I said

I needed to do this. We were leaving in 5 days. Yes, it flew by. I could do this.


It's a day later, I thought about what they said. I still don't care. I'm not even talking to my parents anymore. I can't picture me just leaving them. They'll be heartbroken. And plus, now there are four days left. Great, I'm even done packing. But, I'm kinda sad. None of the boys can hangout, busy with there manager. So, me and Kylie were left doing nothing. Ughhh. So today, Kylie is coming over. She'll be over really soon.

"Ugh, you again, don't have anything better to do, I have seen you three days in arrow, that fricken sucks. ALLY SOME WEIRDO IS HERE TO SEE YOU." Henry screamed from downstairs. " Send her up!" I screamed. "Hey" Ki said entering my room. "Hey." I said. "Are you still doing this?" She said. "Yes, yes I am." I said. "Ally, I'm getting worried about you. Why would you do that to your parents?"she said.

"It's my only option!" I said. "Ally,

If you don't tell your parents I will."

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