Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


16. Starbucks lovers ☕️


After school, Ashton drove me home. He told me he was going to pick me up at 5:45. Great have me enough time to finish my homework and still have time to get ready . I put on a simple white shirt, matched with a sweater with jeans and converse. I Put my hair in a low pony tail and finished it with a bow. Of course .

Soon later, Ashton came. "Hello Ally." He said with his smile. " Hey Ash." I said as we walked to his car. He opened the car door for me, Awww. He went to the drivers seat and then said "Please don't be mad at me." " No, Ashton. I understand why you are doing this." I said. "Okay good, I just can't have you two not talking, it's really really weird. And I didn't tell her you were coming, sorry." He said. My jaw dropped " I thought you told her! Oh my gosh , because I told Luke to come so they could makeup." " it's fine. Don't worry about it." He said smiling.

We arrived to Starbucks and Kylie was already there , I saw her from the window. I bet she got her favorite, a chocolate chip moca. We walked in and the look in Kylie's face looked like she just saw her worst nightmare. Starbucks shutting down.

"What the hell, Ashton. Good Lord, she came." Kylie said. "Ah, sit. Listen, Kylie-Ann your gonna listen to me weather you like it or not." Ashton said. "Now, I'm going to get me and Ally a drink, while you two stay here and talk, thank you, bye." Ashton said. Wow so sassy, and when he turned away I could literally feel the sassiness .

"Soooooooooo" Kylie said. "So." I said-" Look, Kylie I am really sorry for not sticking up for you and being there and also, leaving you at the party. I deeply sorry." I said . " it's fine. I'm sorry too, I mean I caused the whole problem." Ki said . Ashton came back and handed my my psl. Yaaaassssssss. I think he figured out we were ok again. " Starbucks with my two favorite white girls." He said, laughing.

A dark cloud just walked threw the doors. It was Luke. I'm not saying he's bad or anything, but I meant this might cause problems. You should of seen Kylie's face. Omg. "Luke" Ki said with a stutter . "Kylie." Luke said, approaching our table. "Luke, I'm honestly so sorry, it was all my fault. It didn't mean anything." She said. They hugged. " I know, I know. I love you Kylie-Ann Mavill." He said. Aww he just said he lived her. How romantic, yet weird. " I love you too, so are we still 'Lukie'" Kylie said. Aww, she said love back, wow. Dang it Lukie was a good ship name,why in the world didn't think of that. Way better than le-le. Tbh. Wow, this whole idea was great, thanks to Ashton. I turned to look at Ashton, I hope me and him will be as happy as the to of them .

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