Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


8. self esteem

Hours later school was over. I couldn't stop thinking about what Luke said. Was he right? Who was I kidding, Luke is always right. Well, why would Ashton pick me. There is around 7 billion people in the world, and he is taking me to the spot? Why? Ashton stands out. He is the drummer in a band! That's cool. I don't I'm just some girl who plays the violin and hangs out with 5 seconds of summer. What's so special and cool about me. And plus, I'm not even pretty. Why would he chose me?

I soon got to Kylie's car in the school parking lot. She always parks far out, so I had time to think while walking. There I obviously saw Kylie along with Luke. Kylie got in the drivers seat while Luke got shot gun . I hoped in the backseat of her Jeep and left.

" So a, guess where Ally is going tonight with Ashton." Luke said smiling. "Hmmm I don't know. Where?" Kylie said. " the spot." Luke said smiling again, looking at me and then looking at Ki. "Hey didn't he take Rachel Carson there. He really liked her. I remember him telling me he only takes girls he like there. Then... Wait. Oh my goddddddd. Holy, oh my gooddddd!!!!! ALLY I TOLD YOU . YOU SEEE I TOLD YOU IT WOULD HAPPEN OH GOOD LORDD ! THANK JESUS ASH-ALLY IS FINALY HERE WOOOWWW!" She said screaming." You too, wow you guys take a long time to figure things out. And wait shouldn't it just be ashlly ." Luke said " Yeah your right. You see, that's how it will be spelled but it will be spoken as Ashley." Ki said. " but guys, why me?" I asked. "Because you're a great person, Ally. That's why. You're funny, smart, musical and super nice and kind." Luke said. " Bur I'm not pretty like Rachel, what if I'm not his type." I said. " Oh young Ally, your acting stupid. Shut up, you are very pretty, and plus way more prettier than Rachel. Have you seen that zit on her forehead? It's bigger than my future." She said. " Ally are you serious right now? You need to have some self esteem. You are pretty. And you are Ashton's type." Luke said. " what is Ashton's type anyway?" Kylie asked. "Ally." Luke said smiling. "What?" Kylie said. " He talks about you, Ally. Every band practice plus when you two aren't around." Luke said - " Now, what's gonna happen is, Kylie bear is gonna drop me off . After that, Kylie is gonna go home with you and help you get ready. Oh look here, we are at my house. I am gonna go, see you two queens later. Bye." Luke hopped out the jeep and left.

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