Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


5. one big mess.


After the mall, she drove me home and I just sat in bed. My phone rang. It was Calum. "What?" I moaned "can you hang out"he said "um sure" "great in coming over now" he said. Wow that was weird soon later Calum arrived . We went to my room " I need to talk to you" he said, sitting in my bean bag chair. "Okay then, talk." I say "Well, to be honest,

I think i like Kylie. I want to ask

Her out." He said." Oh my gosh no please don't " " why?" He said " cause She's dating Luke." I say " oh I didn't know" he says , a little disappointed " yeah they just announced it yesterday ." I said " Oh.. I had no idea." He said looking a bit disappointed "it's not your fault Calum . You didn't know" I said " Well what do want to do " I ask. "I brought FIFA ." He shouts " Um okay but I know you'll beat me at it." I said "Come on Ally, it's fun" he said " okay fine " I said rolling my eyes . We begin to play FIFA , but all can think about was Calum liking Kylie. I needed to tell Ki (nickname) immediately . This was just one big mess.

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