Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


13. Not one crew, just one me.


We walked outside to find Luke just standing there next to the car. I didn't really care that Kylie wasn't coming, I mean it was Ashton's car and she lives down the street from Calum. We all got in the car. Ashton driving, me in shotgun and Luke and Mikey in the back. We all decided we were going to hang out at my house and just kinda talk. It was just four of us and mathematically , 2/3s of our so called crew. Honestly, I felt like a trader to Kylie. Would she ever forgive me, I mean she was my best best best friend . Also , it was really weird on the way to my house, total silence . But, I expected that.

We arrived to my house. We were greeted by my mother. She said hi and the asked " how was the party at Calum's.". I turned and and kind of gave her a look . She made the Onsound because I gave her a signal that something was wrong .

Ashton, Michael and Luke all ran for the kitchen, of course. Even when they went to the kitchen, they were silent. But, I could see Mikey and Ashton just looking at each other .

My mom pulled me to the side. " what's going on? Why are they so quiet? Where's Calum and Kylie?" She said, she looked very very concerned. She really cared about my friends, they were like her own kids , if you know what I mean. " ok something happened at the party. Calum and Kylie were kissing and Luke saw and got really mad . And and, then Calum went upstairs and Kylie went to the bathroom. Then the four of us left. There not talking because this is very very awkward, mom. And I'm sure Kylie's probably at her house crying . I feel bad though mom, I just like left Kylie." I said. " oh ok ... Well I am making cake so... I'll tell you when it's done. Umm ok go have now." She said

I walked to my kitchen to find the three of them just looking at me. I knew they were hungry , " Look boys, my mom is making cake so you guys can eat then, now let's go to my room." I said. We went upstairs to my room. It's kinda weird when they come in to my room. My room is pink, like pink every where. Pink chairs, pink bed, pink carpet, you name it I have it in pink. To see 3 tall, sorta punk rock boys sitting on pink chairs is pretty funny.

We all sort of looked at each other and didn't say anything at first. "I'm so upset. I can't even believe this." Luke said, tearing up. " I can't believe Calum, one of my best friends would kiss my girl friend! This is ridiculous !" Luke said . " Look I'm sure things will turn out good and the end, Luke." Michael said. "Hey, I got an idea, what if the three of you go to Ashton's house and have a bro party. You know like play video games . Just relax." I said. "Great idea, Ally." Ashton said . The boys soon left . That was a great idea. Nice job, Ally .

I just sat on my bed, wondering what I should do. I decided to text Kylie. I hope she wasn't mad at me. I texted her 'hey, you okay' . She replied 20 minutes later. ' Don't even talk to me, Allison'. I wanted to cry. Wow, I guess it was just me then. 1. Not 1 crew, 6/6. Not me,Ash ,Luke and Mikey, 4/6 or simplified to 2/3s. Just Me.

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