Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


20. Movies and More 🎀


After playing some games at chunk e. Cheese, we went to Ashton's house. We were going to watch a movie. Elf, because it's almost Christmas. Anyways, we are waiting for Michael to call us and spill the details 🌚. I totally ship it. They would be really cute together, they are both really geeky, in a cute way.

It was kind of awkward, Luke and Kylie were just making out the whole time. I mean, they're a cute couple, but it was sorta weird. Me and Ashton were just cuddling. Ashton was also quoting the movie . He giggled. "How's everything." He asked. " better, now that I'm with you." I said. " that's great, dear, are you busy Tommorow?" Ashton said. "Ashton, I'm never busy." I said. "Well, I think I should take you on a date. So were something fancy," he said. " oh ok then." I said smiling. "Allison, I think, I think I'm falling in l-" he was cute off by the ringing of his phone. Stupid, stupid phone. So close. Ashton put the phone on speaker and Kylie and Luke looked up. " hey love birds, i see you guys decided to join us, or did you guys just come up for air." Ashton joked. Kylie and Luke didn't think it was funny though. The Michael started talking. "Hey Guys!" Mikey said, but he was like, giggling. "Sup, Michael. How, how was it?" Ashton said talking into the phone. " It, it was great," Miley said."annnnnndddd. Come on, into depth." Luke said, practically yelling from the other side of the room. " Ok, Ok I'll spill. It was the best best best best thing in the woooorrrldddd! We watched an X-men movie, and and and it gets better! We held hands!!! Ahhhh! And then and then, I guess who asked her out?" Michael said in excitement. "I don't know, Brad Pitt." Kylie said sarcastically "No, no, no! I asked her out!! I got a girlfriend I got a girlfriend!!!!!" Michael yelled . Wow he was so loud it was like he was yelling in my ear.

So after Mikey was done screaming about his new girlfriend,(don't get me wrong, I'm really happy for him) he had to go. So I went back to talking to Ashton. "So, what were you saying?" I asked in hope. " nothing, nothing, I was jus talking about our date. I'll pick you up by seven." He said. I sorta frowned. Does he love me, did he change his mind?

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