Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


14. joys of Monday mornings.


I woke up to the sound of my very annoying alarm clock. Dang it, I forgot it was Monday. Shot, I had school. I really did not want to go after last night. And plus, I went to sleep at like 4 am so, that's like 1 hour of sleep for me. Yay. I knew my mom would let me stay home so I ha to go. Yay again. I rolled out of bed and put on a sweatshirt, yoga pants, my vans and my hair in a ponytail . I didn't even bother to my makeup. I don't even care anymore. I walked down stairs and sat at the table. My mother had made me toast. I just ate it silently . How was I even gonna get to school? I knew Kylie was not going to take me. Dang it, again

Lucky for me, I have the greatest boyfriend in the world . He texted me just a minute ago saying he was coming to pick me up. Yassss.

Minutes later, the doorbell rang. I'm pretty sure you can guess who it was. The devil coming to take my soul. Jus kidding it was Ashton, obviously . " Hello, Ally, shall we go?" he said " yep" I replied, grabbing my backpack as we walked to his car. I'm so glad he was driving me.he started the car and we pulled away.

"So I heard you and Kylie are not talking." He said. " how'd you know?" I said. " Kylie texted me about what happened" he said looking at me. " Oh... I feel really bad, I just kind of left her there and I didn't even talk to her in the heat of it all." I said trying not to cry. "Ally, I'm sure Kylie will forgive you. You guys are best friends, practically sisters. She'll will, I know it." He said smiling " I hope you're right." I said laughing ."You know what, we are going on a date today." Ashton said. " where" I asked. " to Starbucks " he said. We both laughed . Every time I was upset, I'd get Starbucks to make me feel better. " but...." Ashton said. " what?" I asked " Kylie is coming. I already invited her. There you two will make up and do what girls do and things." He said . " what! You tricked me, you said date, not oh bring Kylie to and then call it that. No fair!" I exclaimed. " Look Ally, I'd be a terrible boyfriend, if i left my girlfriend all alone to be sad because her best friend and he are fighting. Would I ?"

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