Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


21. I think we are fireproof.


Ok, so I'm really nervous, tonight is me and Ashton's big date. Holy cow. I'm really nervous. Did I mention that? Ahh no, what if he breaks up with me? I don't know. So, Kylie is going to come help me get ready. Did I tell you that she is really good at hair and make up? She isn't good, She's amazing!!! She'll be here in ten minutes. In the mean time I was getting dressed. I think my outfit was beautiful, my mom helped me pick it out. It was a maxi dress. Like you know, short in the front, long in the back. And the top of the dress was pink. The dress also had clear straps. I put on pink high heels that matched the top of my dress.

Kylie arrived, I could tell it was her at the door because she rang the door bell 10 times. My dad answered the door, and sent her to my room.

She walked into my room and her eyes grew large. "Wow, Ally you look like a million bucks!" She exclaimed. "Thanks." I said. " know let's get your makeup and hair done, you look great but, you need an extra touch." She said pointing to my vanity set. I went to sit down. She pulled out her makeup bag from her purse. She took out her Naked 3 pallet and said. "Now, I'm going to give you a very pretty smoky eye, using very dark, but still natural colors.". She applied different colors to my eyes. " perfect, now I'm going to put on some lipstick." She said pulling out dark pink lip stick. " but I'm going to skip foundation, your skin is perfect. So I'm just going to add a tiny bit of concealer next." She said, applying the lip stick. Next she put on the concealer. "So what are you doing tonight anyway?" I asked as she put in the mascara. " um staying here." She said. "What." I asked. "I'm babysitting your younger brother with Luke." She said. Did I mention I have a brother. His name is Henry and he's 7, the reason why you haven't heard about his is because he's always in his room playing video games." Wait, you are, why?" I asked. " You're not the only one going on a date, your parents are too, they asked me and Luke to babysit. God bless your parents! They're like angels!" She said " while your brother is in his room, making his mine craft house, me and Luke will be making out!" Kylie said. "Wow, sounds fun." I said "Now it's time for your hair, I saw this really cute hairstyle on Pinterest, and it will look flawless on you! Yay!!" She squealed

About twenty minutes later she announced she was done.i got up from the chair and looked in the mirror. I think I loved it more than I loved Ashton. Just kidding, I love him so much, I hope he loves me too. That's what I'm hoping to hear tonight. My hair looked a-maz-ingggg!! It was curly, perfect curls! And, and there were two sections of hair, both on the side, put into two fishtail braids and brought together in the back of my head. They were joined by a sparkly bow. "I look great! Thank you, Kylie." I said. "No problem, I will always have your back. Now, let's go show your parents how pretty you are before Ashton comes to pick you up!" She said smiling.

We walked downstairs to find parents sitting at the table. Kylie told me stand by the stairs. She was going to announce me, wow I'm a star. She walked into the kitchen. "Mr. And Mrs. Robinson, I present to you... Your Daughter!" She said. My parents smiled, I could see them from the stairs. "Ally,stop daydreaming." She yelled. I walked into the kitchen and twirled. "Oh my god, Brett, look how pretty out daughter looks!" My mom said with her hands covering her mouth. "Very pretty!" My dad said-"and if this guy is a jerk, tell him I'm a cop." He said."Dad, this is Ashton, remember?" I said laughing. "Oh, oh yeah. I forgot. It's kinda strange you two are dating but, I support you two. You guys go well together." He said. " I know right!!!!! You are a smart man, Mr.Robinson! Team Ashlly forever!" Kylie said. We all giggled. "That's right,I am a very smart man, I'm smart for letting you babysit Henry too, know you can have Luke over too help, but nothing to wild, remember there is still a seven year old boy around." My dad said to Kylie. " I'm kidding, I'm kidding, do what ever ya want." He said. "Ok." Kylie said Laughing . "Now, let me get a picture of you two!" My mom said pointing to me and Ki. Me and her posed for a picture and my mom took twenty, like she always does. The doorbell rang, I'll let you figure out who it was. " Go get 'em tiger." Kylie said giving me a thumbs up. I opened up the door.

Ashton looked amazing. A tux, like one you wear to a wedding. And he combed his hair, but it wasn't slicked back. I'd probably mess it up if it was. He was just standing there." Hello, Allison. You look amazing." He said. I felt as if I was going to melt."thank you, you look amazing too." I said smiling. "Shall we go?" He said, stepping out and pointing to a bright pink limo. "Yes we should go." I said, and I could hear my mom and Kylie squeal. Dorks, lol.

We got in the limo, it was huge! But I remembered Michael's dad owned a limo company. "Guess who's driving." Ashton said, "I'm going to say Michael." I said as Michael turned around. "Where are we going?" I asked Ashton. " we are going to this restaurant downtown called 'Adeline's' it's super fancy. It took me forever to get reservations." He said smiling. "Wow, fancy!" I said

About 30 minutes later, we arrived. We stepped out of the limo, and started walking to the entrance.

We entered and the person immediately said, "Hello are you Mr.Irwin?" Ashton nodded. The lady told us to follow her, so we did.she led us to a room, like a private eating room." Your dinner will be here in 10 minutes." She said as we took a seat. It was perfect. I felt like I was in a movie.

Soon, our food came. It looked so good."So, Ally-bunny, how are you?" He asks. "I'm really great, actually, this, this is really nice." I said. He giggled. "Allison, I'm in love with you, I love you more than anything in the world." He said. I totally blushed. "Ashton I feel the same way, I love you too." I said. "This is absolutely perfect." He said from across the table. " I love you Ashton, but I really hope our relationship doesn't change when you go on tour. I don't want to let you go, sometimes long distance doesn't work." I said. "Allison, I think we will make it work, we are fireproof." He said. "Promise?" I said. " I promise." He responded and holding out his hand for me to hold. I grabbed it and I didn't want to let go. Then he looked up and said "Ally, what if you come with us?"

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