Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


25. goodbyes


Ok, so 2 days have past and we are leaving in two days. I was all packed. 2 large suitcases of stuff. So today, Michael and Anya are coming over. Or should I say Maya. Anya was so nice and they were both perfect for each other. So cute. She was so pretty, a lot like Mikey. She dyes her hair. It's kind of purple. And they are both really really smart. Like, seriously.

"Hey look! Asshole got a girlfriend. I bet you are paying her." Henry said, I heard him from the kitchen. I walked in to see the cutie pies and the little brat. "Actually I don't pay her nothing. She deals with me for free." Mikey said. "Hey guys!" I said "Hey Ally! Your little brothers so cute and nice." Anya said. Me and Mikey laughed. "Come on guys let's go to my room." I said walking up the stairs. We entered my room. " wow your room is, is pink." Anya said. She has never been at my house before. "Yeah right." Michael said.

" I have a question. How long have you known the boys?" She asked me. "I met them when I was in the first grade, we have always been such great friends." I said. " that's awesome." Anya said. "So how long have you two been dating again?" I asked. "We have been dating for 12 days 17 hours, 14 minutes and 10 seconds." Michael said. "Aww, have you guys kissed?" I asked. "Yes of course we have!"Anya said and then gave Mikey a butterfly kiss. Aww. Cute as a button. " So, Michael was telling me about the tour bus situation." She said smiling. "Ok." I said looking at Michael. "Ok the cool thing about the tour bus is. There are bunks.4 of them. Then there is a back bedroom in the tour bus. Me and the boys were taking and we want to give that room to the girls. So it will be you, Kylie and Luke's mom. We are going to put 3 small beds in there for you guys." Michael said. "Wow that's really nice! Great idea. More organized. Ladies deserve it!" I said. "Yep. It think everything is actually working out wonderful. I mean, you're with Ashton, Kylie is with Luke and I'm with Anya. We are all pretty much in are in relationships. Then there is Cal." Mikey said. " I hope he doesn't try anything on Kylie. That would be more drama for us to deal with." Mikey said. "Yeah, speaking of relationships, what are you and Anya going to do? You know, with the tour and all?" I asked. " it's called long distance, like texting, Skype, FaceTime! Duhh, and plus. We will be here in Chicago our second week on tour. So that'll be good." He said. "That's good." I said

__________|NEXT DAY|____________

So after last night, I just watched tv. Now there was one day left. I just had to do some shopping today so that's it. But I had to take my brother with, to go shopping. At the mall. My mom said I should spend time with him before I leave. Wow. My mom gave me a lot of money, 500 fricken dollars! Just for clothes and stuff for the tour! Shopping is amazing.

After shopping for a few hours I had the following.

• 3 new vs pink leggings

• 5 new dresses from forever 21

• 4 new jeans

• and a lot of shirts, like a lot

And then Henry asked me if we could go it the Lego store. I agreed, at least it wasn't game stop, so. That store was really cool, tons of activities for children . There was one were kids can build there own

Race car. Henry that was amazing, he ran over to the station "Let's build race cars." He yelled. I quickly followed, but it was hard cause I had a lot of bags. "Ally! I'm going to build big race car!" Henry said "cool." We built race cars, it was fun. But for the first time, I felt that I was going to miss him.

_________|NEXT DAY|_________

The day was finally here. Today was the start of something great, something amazing. The tour bus was busy picking up everyone. They should be at my house in 15 minutes. It was time to say goodbyes. I walked down the stairs with my 2 large suitcases. My mom, dad and Henry were all standing there waiting for me. "Hi mom, hi dad. Hi Henry!" I said. "Come here sweetheart!" My mom called. I hugged all of them. I would be gone for 5 months, I think I'm going to cry. "Well, I guess this is it." I said. "I loved Allison. You have fun. Call me every day, or text me. Goodbye dear." My mom said. We all said our goodbyes and then I heard a beep. I ran outside with my luggage. The tour bus was huge. I guess I was the last stop. I looked back, I saw my family wave as I entered the tour bus.

I saw everyone, they all said hi. I looked out from the window and started to cry. I was happy yet sad. Ashton kissed my forehead." It will be okay, will be back in no time."

I can't believe it, we are on tour now, the bus is leaving my house. Looking back, I never would of thought is be going on a tour. I'd never thought I would date Ashton, I guess anything is possible with those four boys.

The end - not really. You just wait.

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