Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


9. Gentleman


Kylie and I got to my house and rushed to my room. " Okay, I honestly think you should keep it simple and go with a skater skirt." She said pulling out my black skater skirt from my closet. I match it with galaxy vans , black tee shirt and of course my signature bow. "Of coarse, Ally needs her bow. Allison, you are totally bow crazy!" She said smiling " there. You look perfect, now Ashton will be here in like an hour to pick you up. Yay!!!" She said

Soon an hour past and Ashton came. I opened the door to see Ash smiling. "Hi Ally" he said. " Hi, Ashton." I said. " ready to go?" " Yep." We walk to his car, which was actually just his family car, a truck. He walked over to the passenger seat door and opened it. "My lady." He said smiling. I giggled as I got in the car. He started the car and we spent most of the time listening to Classic Disney music. About an hour later we arrived. It was like 6:00. We enter the spot. It was like the coolest hangout place for people in high school . We walked to were the band was playing, Gold Coast south. There was a huge dance floor . Ashton start goofing off and trying to make me laugh. He definitely succeeded. It was so much fun. All of the sudden someone knocks into Ash.

" Hey, dude watch were you're going!" It was Brandon Anderson . He is in my world religions class. The jerk continued -"oh hey look Austin brought that quiet girl who plays in the school band here. And dude your setting the bars pretty low now a days. You could do better." He says. I can feel my self start to tear up, but I held them in.

"Dude, how bout you shut up. She plays in the orchestra first of all. And second and also most important, Ally is beautiful. I would not want to be here with anyone else. Allison is awesome, I think she is honestly cooler than you. So you can shut up and go somewhere else now." Ashton said looking at him with anger in his eyes.

"Now, let's get dinner " he said putting his arm around me. We walked to the pizza place near by. Ashton opened the door for me. All I could think about how kind and sweet he was and mainly a gentleman.

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