Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


22. decision time


The date last night was absolutely perfect. It was so romantic. We are officially a very serious couple. Like, we have been dating for a month. Wow, it honestly seems like yesterday we were eating pizza on our first date. But after the date, I have been thinking. Like a lot. I mean I love Ashton to death, but think about it. If I went, this could change our relationship. We would also have no privacy. And, what about dates, he would be to busy. But, if I didn't go, we would break up. I think this calls for a best friends opinion. That right, Kylie is coming over. She will be hear in 10 minutes and she is bringing Starbucks, I guess you can call it girl time. And I guess she has news too. But, jeez, how do I explain it all.

Soon, I heard the doorbell rang. But, someone answered it. It was only me and my little brother, Henry at home so it was probably him. Wow, I was surprised, the little shit actually took the time to open the door. "Hey loser." I heard Henry yell and then Kylie messed up his hair. "Hey Cutie pie!" I heard Kylie said. " 3 things, 1 I'm not a cutie pie. 2, your super annoying and 3 I'm bored, I'm out." He said running up the stairs. Told you he was a brat. Soon, Kylie came up the stairs and walked into my room. " your brother is the biggest jack ass I have ever met." She said handing me my peppermint mocha."I know right." I said. "So, I heard you had news." She said. Holy crap I did not want to tell her. "Yeah.." I mumbled. "Ok, tell me." She said. "Ashton told me he loved me and I said it back." I said. She smiled, like the type of smile you have when you see two kittens playing."Awww, that's so romantic!! But, you said drama.." She said. "Yeah that's why I called you over. I need some advice." I said with a half smile. "Oh, I see. He wants to take it to the next level, need advice?" She said."No, no it's not that. We have only been dating for a month. Jeez Kylie. You need to stop." I said. "Then what." She said. I puffed."So, you know how they are going on tour. Well, after all that lovey dovey, I said I didn't want the relationship to end. He said he didn't want it to end either. So, he suggested to me, that I come with. But, what if me going, means we breakup. What should I do?" I said."Wow, that's a lot. I honestly think you should go, cause Ashton would make it work out. And if you go, I'll go." She said. "Wait, what. What are you saying?" I asked. "Ok,ok I'll explain, but it's gonna take a while. So while me and Luke were babysitting your brother or should I say doing other stuff. Well we were talking a bit, we truly are in love but, we worried about the tour too. Kinda like your situation, and weirdly enough he wanted me to come.i asked him what I was suppose to do. They said I could do hair for them. I kind of agreed. So, I guess I'm going." She said. Wow, she's going. "You're going? Wow. But, I don't know Kylie. I mean I still have school, I'm only 16, this would be so complicated." I said. "Yeah, I see what you mean. I'm only going because by the time we actually leave, I'll be done with high school, and could drop out.or online school." She said. "Yeah true, but I don't know." I said. "It's time to call in the expert, I'm calling Luke." She said. "What so you guys can make out?"I asked. "No, he has really good advice sometimes." She said. "Ok fine" I said

Ten minutes later, Luke came. And guess who answered. Yep,Henry. And I couldn't believe what he said." What do you want Ass hole?" I heard him from upstairs, I quickly ran downstairs. Kylie followed. "Henry? What the hell? Where did you learn that?" I asked. "Kylie and Luke. Bye losers."Henry said running up the stairs to his room. "Luke, Kylie! Did you teach them that!"I said letting Luke in. "Maybe." He said as we walked up the stairs to my room."real mature." I said As we entered my room. We all took a seat and of course, Kylie and sat next to each other. "So what's the sitch."

Luke said. "She's de terminating weather or not to go on tour with us. Lover boy Ashton wants her to come." Kylie said. " I honestly think you should go, it won't be that bad. But, don't ask me for advice, call ashton." Your right" I said-" how about you two go bother my brother while I call Ashton." I said "sounds good to me" they said walking out of my room. I called up Ashton

"Hello?" Ashton said.

"Hey. I think, I think I want to go with you guys."

"Allison! That's amazing. Oh, Ally I promise I'll make everything work perfectly! You won't regret it! You're amazing! And and, wow! This will be great!"

"I think it's great too! This will be amazing."

"Allison, is live to stay and talk to you but I have to work."

"Ok.. Wait what, you have a job?"

"Yeah, I started working at target"

"Well, that's awesome. Well bye!"

"Ok. Bye Ally."

He hung up.

I walked into Henry's room. Ugh. He has like 3 fricken game conceals. And I also heard Luke talking. "When I was a young lad like you, I had one thing, a game boy." He said. "Shut up and get out my room, you brainless troll." Henry said throwing a shoe at Luke. "Hey! Henry stop!" Kylie said. "Shut up Barbie!" He said. "Whatever, Guess what! I'm coming! I'm coming on tour! I made my decision!" I said. "Ally that's Great!" Luke and Kylie said in unison. "I know right! Yay." I said. "Are you serious? Ally? Are you dumb? Do you think Mom and Dad are going to let you go on a tour bus for a long period of time? And that would mean you would have to drop out of school. You asshole. Dumb." He said. Suddenly my smile went to a frown. What about my parents. I couldn't believe the little shit was right.

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