Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


19. cheese pizza


So today is Friday and the boys are leaving in 22 days. Insert sad face here. Today, Ashton, Kylie, Luke and I are going on a double date at chuck-e cheese's. Pretty slick,man. Every girls dream. Lol, this will be the first double date I've been on. So, we are going to have some pizza and then play games! Yayayay! So we are actually leaving right now, yay.

After a ten minute drive, we arrived. We got out of the car and walked in. "So let's eat some pizza first!" Luke said. We all agreed. Ashton, Kylie and I went to sit at a table, while Luke got the pizza. It was funny, there was all these moms. With kids and strollers and then there's a six foot dude.

While we were waiting, we were talking. " And then, and then she took, my paper and ripped in half!" Kylie complained. "Struggle." I said. "Hey, hey wait, is that Michael!?!" Ashton said, pointing out Michael who was playing a game, with a girl. With a girl. Michael gets nervous around girls, wow this is great. "Is he with Anya Westlestein?" Ashton asked. " I think so, wow this is great! He has been crushing on her since like the third grade! Wow!" Kylie said. Wow, I'm so proud of Mikey. Luke looked over from his spot in line. Ashton pointed to Michael and Anya. Luke turned to looked and then looked back at us and then looked back at them. Then after like thirty seconds of that, Luke looked at us and smiled. "Duuuuuuuddddee." Luke said very loud.

Soon, Luke came back with the pizza . Everyone grabbed a slice. " invite them over here!" Ashton said to Luke. "No, Ally you should." Like said. I agreed. I walked over there and approached the two. "Michael! Nice to see you! Oh hey, Anya!" I said. "Oh hey Ally, hey aren't you in my bio class?"Anya asked. " I am in your bio class! I was come and ask you two if you guys wanted some pizza." I said. Michael looked so confused. "Actually, we didn't get pizza. Anya do want to join them." Michael said as Anya nodded.

I led the two of them to the table. "Hey guys." Mikey said to Ashton , Luke and Kylie. "Hey Michael! What are you doing here." Ash asked. "Oh me and Anya are hanging out." Mikey said, smiling. Mikey and Anya sat down and grabbed a slice of pizza. " well I'm going to run to the bathroom." Anya said. She got up and went to the bathroom.

"Dude, you are 'hanging out' out with Anya! This, this is huge." Luke said. "I know, I know awesome right.i mean I liked her for so long, I just wanted to get her to like me before we leave." Mikey said. " I'm proud of you Michael, wish you the best!" Kylie said.

Anya came back. "Hey Michael, do you want to go to my house and watch a movie?" She asked. "Sure." Mikey said, they left and it was just so cute. That's how Maya started.

But seriously, yolo. I mean let's start living before the boys leave. From this day forward, I wanted me and Ashton's relationship to grow. And yes a mean, the 'L' word, love. I wanted me and Ashton to exchange 'I love yous'.

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