Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


17. chance.


After last night, I went home and went to bed. And then I was woken up by my alarm clock. Nooooo, mornings suck. It was only Tuesday. Shot. I rolled out of bed and picked out a half way decent outfit. Jeans, a flannel and my blue converse. I put my hair in a high ponytail. Something different. I did my makeup and walked down the stairs. I made myself some toast and ate it . I bet you didn't see that coming lol.

The doorbell rang, it was Luke coming to pick me up. I could see Kylie in the background with Luke's phone. Taking selfies. She always does that. Anyways your probably wondering, why isn't Ashton picking me up. Ashton was already at school , he had a special study hall today. Well that was random.

" ready to go." Luke said. "Yep." I said as we walked to the car. And then we arrived to school about 5 minutes later. Yay.

The three of us walked into school and entered the multi purpose room. That's were students go before school actually starts. Like classes and such. It was crowded, but I immediately saw Ashton, Calum and Michael. We approached them." Hi Allison." Ash said kissing my forehead, and then Kylie said "Ashlly! Yass!" We laughed. Then I noticed the huge smile on Mike's face. Either he completed his Pokemon collection or there is a new Spider-Man movie out. I honestly can't tell.

"Guys, guys!!!!" He says . " What?" The three of them say in unison. "Oh my god, OH MY GOD! Ok, so one direction is going on tour and and they are looking for bands to open for them. So, so they are coming here in a week to audition bands! We should do it!" Mikey said. He is literally jumping up and down. So are the rest of them. " WOW WE SHOULD!!!!!! IF WE GET A CHANCE TO TOUR WITH ON OF THE BIGGEST BANDS, WE WOULD HAVE FANS AND BECOME FAMOUS AND MAKE MONEY AND OMG WOWOWOWOW!" Calum says. " guys, this is our dream. To travel the world playing music, I say we do it." Luke said. They all agreed but, me and Kylie looked at each other like wow what opportunity. But at the same time, wow 5sos is good, what if they got to your with them. Then they'd be gone.

I mean, I want them to get that opportunity but, at the same time no. Well, I guess they have to take a chance. But, there is a chance they leave. There's a chance me and Ashton will break up because of that. So many chances. Wow, something that might not happen is scary me. The bell rang and I it was time to go to math, yay.

A/N- hey guys. I hoped you like it so far, I'm sorry some chapters have been short lately. But, if you have any ideas for future chapters , comment. Anyways, stay awesome my friends, and especially you, cause you're awesomest . 😜 lol making up words.



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