Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


12. Calum's Party


So today, the crew had major plans. Calum was having one of his major parties today. We were all going to go with each other. Even Mikey showed up, after he got back from the hospital, but his mom told us to keep an eye on him. So, Calum's parties were super fun but, a little crazy.

The five of us carpooled to Cal's house and when we got there we went to ring the doorbell." Hey guys, come in!" Calum's said opening the door. As I walked in all I could see was tons of people. I didn't even know half of them . We all were gonna split up and kinda do whatever. Me and Ashton decided to go play on the wii in the basement. Come on, Wii is were it's at! Kylie and Luke were going to be by the couch, just cuddling the whole time. And then Michael decided to play ping pong at the party. He loves ping pong. It was nice, because it was in the basement as well, so i could easily keep an eye on him. And Calum was just hosting the party and being the social butterfly that he was.

Me, Ash and Mikey rushed downstairs. Some people were there. Some talking and others using there mouths for other things. Yes, people were making out everywhere. Me and Ash went to go turn on the wii. " which game?" I asked. He turned and smiled " just dance 2" Ashton said . That was our favorite game. We played it all the time together. We started dancing to Avril Lavigne's Song, Girlfriend. It was so much fun. It was cool, everyone was just surrounding us. Relationship Goals right there.

After a couple of songs, I got thirsty so , I went to get some water. It was hard to find my way to the kitchen with all of those people. By the time I got to the kitchen, I must have said excuse me 20 times. I got a cup and filled it with water. I thought I go and check on Kylie and Luke. I walked past the couch they usually sit at. The white leather one in the family room. I checked but neither one was on the couch. I glanced around. I turned to right and saw Kylie kissing Luke by the wall. I walked past them, cause that was how I get backed to the basement. I turn and look at Kylie and Luke, but only it wasn't Kylie and Luke . It was Kylie and Calum ! I wanted to scream. This was not suppose to happen. I totally wanted to go up to them and just scream. What was Luke going to think ? Would he ever find out? I was in shock. I can't believe I just saw that. I stormed off and was on way down to the basement. But, I ran into Luke by the stairs. "Hey Kylie, you enjoying the party?" He said. " Ahh... Yeah! I'm hey there's some cupcakes in the kitchen, better go get them." I said, trying to distract him and hoping Calum and Kylie were done by now. I think he knows I'm hiding something . " Allison? Is something wrong?" He said. I shift to the left trying to block Calum and Kylie. " I thought something was up! I see you and Mikey are planking me again like the last party!" He said and then picking me up and putting me on the right side of the stair. "Alright Michael enough with the pranks, show yourself." He said as he walked up the stairs. I felt like I was going to throw up, Calum and Kylie were within 10 feet of Luke. And then Luke noticed. "Calum you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend . Who's this?" He asked, he didn't know that , that girl was his girlfriend . Calum and Kylie both turned there heads and then, Luke finally noticed. I could visually see the flame in his eyes. " what, what, WHAT IS THIS, OK I GO TO CHECK ON MICHAEL AND I COME BACK LITERALLY 10 MINUTES , TO FIND ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS MAKING OUT WITH MY GIRLFRIEND ! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS OH MY GOD!" He shouts pressing Calum against the wall and holding a fist up to his face. I quickly pulled Luke away. Kylie looked so scared, she was speechless , I was too. "Calum, don't talked to me. And Kylie, i think we need a break so you can figure out who you want to be with." Luke said and then storming out the door. Kylie just ran to the bathroom and Calum just sat on the couch. Ashton and Mikey came up the stairs. "Hey what's going on?" Ashton said. Nothing, nothing at all, Boys how about we get going." I said. " ok is Kylie coming?" Mikey asked. " I think she'll get a ride, don't worry about it."


A/N- hey guys, I hoped you liked it, kinda dramatic. Well see ya guys later - Lauren

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