Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


11. A little crazy? No, very crazy.


It was absolutely perfect me and Ashton just sitting on the couch watching finding nemo. Yeah, that's right we are cooler than you. Just kidding I'm lame. All of the sudden I got a phone call. It was Kylie, probably checking in on me and my date.

" Hello?" I said. "Ally, you need to meet me at the hospital. As soon as possible. It's , it's Michael." She said. I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. " What happened!?" "Well me and Luke were coming home from the movies , okay? And and so we decided to stop by Mikey's house cause he was near by. And we were driving and I saw Michael's Car on its side. I made Luke stop as soon as possible. The two of us got out of the car . Luke dialed 9-1-1 and I rushed towards the car. Michael was thankfully still breathing but he was bleeding from the head. God, I haven't even heard from the doctors yet. But, he wasn't responding, dear lord I hope he's okay. Well, Ally meet us at Christ Hospital" she said and then Hanging up.

I grabbed my purse , put on my coat and slipped on my shoes. " what wrong Allison?" Ashton said. " C'mon, we need to go it's an emergency. It's Michael." He got ready and we literally left 20 seconds after that. We got into the car and started driving.I explained everything to him. " Oh my god, no, no no. He's my best friend I can't live without him." He said. " I'm scared, Ashton." I said. We were so scared. Life wouldn't be the same without Michael.

We arrived to the Hospital and entered the ER. There we saw Kylie, Luke, Calum and Michael's mom and dad. They all greeted us and we all hugged. Me and Ashton sat down. " I just can't imagine life with out him, he's my best friend." I said tearing up. " it's going to be okay, Ally." He said looking at me right I the eyes. "Your eyes are beautiful" he said to me. He leaned in to kiss me .

At that moment, I felt like we were the only people in to world or everyone just looked at us and thought we were a fairy tale . I forgot the fact that we were in the ER. Nothing else matters at that very moment.

We look at each other for the longest time. Nothing else, just looking at each other . We got interrupted by a doctor. " excuse me, are you guys here for Michael Clifford" he said. We nod and then he continues - " Nothing to worry about actually. He just needs some stitches in the o'l noggin. He had a seizure, so that's why he was not responding . Don't worry that seizure was a one time thing . Michael should be out of here in 1 day. He got super Lucky." The doctor said and then walked away. We both smiled. I'm so happy Mikey is okay. It wouldn't be the same without him

Kylie walked over and talked about how happy she was that Michael was okay. And even though she was right next to me, she texted me, probably something about Ashton.

The Text read ' I saw him kiss you, what happened' with her famous, always used, moon emoji. I didn't text her back I just looked at her and smiled. I think she knew what happened. It's kind of like a best friend thing . " Ok the doctor told me we could go in to see Michael, so you wanna come with me. I heard he's awake now, actually ." She said. Ashton and I agreed and followed Kylie.

We walked into the room to did Mikey tapping his fingers on the bed side table. He was tapping Green Day's "American Idiot". How did u not see that coming. We greeted him."what would you like Mikey ?" Ashton said. " pizza." Mikey said, we all laughed. " great, I have leftover pizza in the car." Ashton said as he left to get the pizza.

5 Minutes later he came back with the pizza. He handed it to Mikey, " here you go mate," he said. He then placed the box on the hospital counter.

"So, Michael... What actually happened?" Kylie asked "Well, I was driving to the gas station, Okay and then I felt dizzy okay and then I spaced." He said while eating his pizza "Hey, can u get me another slice, Ally?" I agreed and turned to Ashton and said " Michael wants another slice" I said " what?" Ashton said. "Michael wants another slice." I said again. " what." " Michael wants another slice of pizza!" I said " ok, here you go, hey that's sounds catchy. Michael wants another slice. Michael wants another slice, Michael wants another slice of pizza da da da pizza!" He said as he handed me the pizza. We all laughed and then sang that little song again. Wow, tonight was crazy .


A/N hi guys, hoped you liked it- lauren

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