Those four boys

Meet Ally, she's a junior in high school. With her four best guys friends and her best friend, things seem to change


1. 5th Period

Fifth period history, I walked in the room to see my four best friends. There names were Michael, Luke and Calum. I was best friends with them, in fact, we've all known each other since the first grade. So, that means were best friends . In fact we didn't like each other at first. Cal,Luke,Mikey and ash thought girls had cooties, but then day during play time I asked if I could play superheroes with them. We've been together like glue ever since.

The four of them even have a band, they call it 5 seconds of summer. There band formed, last year when we were sophomores. The band is actually really good. I see them playing big shows one day. I hope it happens for those four weirdos

Michael walks over " Hey Ally."

" Oh hey Michael what's up" I look up at him. " Nothing much, hey did you do your paper on the Berlin Wall?" He's says with a smirk. I know that look. "Mikey! You didn't do it?!? That's like 20 percent of our final grade?!? Let me guess there was a Spider-man marathon last night?" I say trying not to giggle. "Oh my gosh. How'd you know" he says. " um hello Spider-Man is my second favorite superhero so, I watched it too." He laughs at me and responds " So can you help me out?" Looking down at me, cause I'm one foot shorter than him. " duh that's why I wrote you one, I knew this would happen. Besides that's B- material." I say handing him a paper. "Thanks" he says as goes to his seat.

Bell rings and class starts. Darn it, I was to bust talking to MiKey that I didn't even talk to Ash. I can't talk to him now he sits in the other side of the room ugh. Mr.Nixon, our history teacher bad to separate the five of us. We never got anything done when we sat by each other . Luke would alway say something like "guys, how bout we start" or "can we actually start now" me and Luke would just finish the thing by our selves.


A/N : Hello. My names Lauren. Let me start by saying a bit about my self. I'm 13 years old . My favorite subject in school is social studies and my favorite member or 5sos is Ashton Irwin .Okay enough about me. I hope you guys like it. I'm working on chapter 2 right now. Let me give you a hint, it includes "mean girls" see ya .

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