lost, alone, afraid (naill horan)

if i start telling you about this story I wouldn't be able to stop so I'm not going to say anything.


1. chapter one

right now, this very moment, is probably one of the scariest times in my life. my father, my actual birth father, is on his way here. I haven't seen him in about 15-16 years. I don't really talk to him on the phone or anything, cos I honestly don't know what to say. even if I did know what to say, the time differences would probably ruin everything.

you see, my father left before I was born. my mum always stayed in contact with him though. so I met him when I was one, of course I don't remember anything, and I haven't seen him since.

it really sucks, to be honest, not having a father figure. I was always known as the girl without a father, instead of me. my only friend has to be music. music is my everything. some people say that my music taste is weird. I mean it might be, but at least my hobbies include something that could be a profession, not dressing like a hooker.

welp I have been telling you about my love for music, why not tell you what bands? first bands first: 5 seconds of summer 2) one direction 3) all time low and finally 4) the vamps

everyone I have mentioned so far are my idols. those boys have saved my life more times than I can count. I actually got-

my thoughts were interrupted by a knock at my door.

'the time has come' I think to myself

I open the door to see a face I was not expecting.

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