Luke Lover

this is a Percy Jackson love story about a girl named Mikayla Andrews that is a new camper at camp half-blood. She is devastated because her godly parent didn't claim her. And there is only one person that will comfort her.


1. Them

 Mikayla's P.O.V.

I walked into my new school breathing hard. "Why did I do this to myself?" I thought.

Well you see, I got bullied a lot at my old school you know the usual. "Your fat! Or your ugly!" I had gotten used to it but it still kind of hurt. So I stupidly decided to go to a different school. I walked up to my first class and took a deep breath as I walked in.

"Oh hello Mikayla! Ssstudentsss thisss isss our new ssstudent Mikayla. Why don't we all give her a warm welcome, yesss?" the teacher spoke with a snake like "Sss" sound.

"Hello." all of the students said unenthusiastically.  

"Why don't you sssit down next to Ssstacie." the teacher said.

I walked over to the table at which Stacie was sitting. She had black hair, green eyes, a tattoo of a snake going up her forearm, and was chewing gum rather loudly. She looked up at me with hate in her eyes, blew a bubble in my face, and went back to drawing a picture of a unicorn and dragon fighting to the death. 

"No wonder nobody sits by her." I thought. Trying to get as far away from her as I could.

All of the sudden the window broke and a boy and two girls jumped through. One of the girls had long blonde hair and the other short choppy black hair, the boy had short blonde hair and a big long scar running down his face.

 The black haired girl stabbed the teacher in the chest with a golden knife and she turned to dust. The other girl ran over to me, grabbed my hand and started to drag me along with her when I felt a sharp pain in my left shin. I screamed in pain and saw that Stacie was biting me! Wait no, not biting she was sticking FANGS into my leg! She had FANGS! Just then the boy stabbed her in the back and picked me up (wedding style) and started to carry my somewhere. 

"Wh-who are you?" I asked him.

"A friend." He replied.

I honestly didn't care if he was friend or foe. He was cute! I snuggled up against him and the next thing I know I wake up screaming because of the searing pain in my leg.

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