Luke Lover

this is a Percy Jackson love story about a girl named Mikayla Andrews that is a new camper at camp half-blood. She is devastated because her godly parent didn't claim her. And there is only one person that will comfort her.


2. Luke Castellan

Luke's POV

I picked her up, and she snuggled against my chest, then fell asleep. She was cute, I had to admit that. Now that the monsters were slain, I could take her to Camp. We just got out of the school when she started to scream.

"Aw Hades! I forgot to make sure her leg was okay!" Thalia yelled.

"Well do something about it!" I yelled.

Thalia took off her backpack and set it on a rock. Then she took some ambrosia and came over to me.

"Luke, please set her down in the grass."

I listened to Thalia and set her in the grass. Then Thalia fed her the ambrosia. The girl started to stop screaming, and her leg started to heal. But it didn't heal all the way.

"I can't heal her enough! We'll need to get her to Chiron."

"Why didn't we bring Grover?" I thought.


I could taste the stuff the black haired girl was giving me. It tasted like my mom's apple crisp. Delicious. I could hear mumbling, and then yelling, then whispering, then more mumbling. I heard a name. Luke. Then I heard another name.

"Who is Chiron?"

Everyone jumped.

"You will find out soon enough." The blonde guy said. Luke, I think.

"He's a horsie guy with a bow and arrows." The little girl said.



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